OHO Featured in Digital Clarity Group's Guide to Service Providers

August 19, 2013

We’re happy to announce that OHO was highlighted in the recently released, “Digital Clarity Group’s Guide to Service Providers for Web Content and Customer Experience Management.” The guide offers a comprehensive view of digital agencies and systems integrators in North America, honing in on 42 service providers. OHO, among others, was reviewed across a number of criteria including:

  • Web content management and customer experience-related technology partnerships
  • Specific areas of expertise and vertical industry specialization
  • An overview of their project approach and differentiated value proposition
  • A selection of recent news, appointments, and awards
  • A perspective of what the company has to offer from both their clients’ point of view and Digital Clarity Group’s 
The report calls out the complexities of customer experience management and the need for companies to turn to external service providers for assistance in developing strategies and deploying technologies. According to the guide, “the forces of digital disruption have empowered consumers and created a growing demand for rich, engaging, and consistent experiences across multiple channels and touchpoints. Customer experience management (CEM) designates an evolving set of practices, technologies, partnerships, and business values that, taken together, enable organizations to orchestrate, offer, and optimize consistently superior customer experiences. Mastering CEM is an imperative because the quality of the experiences you offer and support will increasingly determine the fate of your company.”
OHO is proud to be included in the report, which highlights our relationship with Acquia as an Enterprise Select partner. The guide will serve as a valuable tool for organizations seeking a service provider with both significant design experience and deep technical expertise. It also emphasizes the importance of selecting the partner in order to create a successful digital experience. Cathy McKnight, Partner and Principal Analyst at Digital Clarity Group sums it up by stating, “the customer experience imperative is clear. Organizations must create connected digital experiences across all of the channels they manage. Successful deployment of these tools requires true expertise and, most of all, experience. Selected the right service provider to help deploy these solutions can make or break an organization’s plan.”

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