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Higher Education Content Strategy Find, Define & Tell Your Story

We help you make your content more effective and your content development process more efficient so that your schools stands out.

Your school is full of great stories – but finding and telling them is hard.

Your students, faculty, and alumni are inspiring and changing the world. Yet capturing their stories, aligning them to your brand, and getting them out into the world is challenging.

We develop brand-aligned content strategies supported by realistic, sustainable processes to keep your team producing great, impactful content.

Story + Process + Culture Change

We apply our higher education expertise to optimize your digital storytelling machine. You’ve got great writers and storytellers — we mobilize this army of communicators by helping to change your publishing process, workflow, and communications culture to empower effective digital storytelling.

1. Assess: Discover the state of your content

2. Envision: Inspire and align your team

3. Document: Create tools and process

4. Activate & Sustain: Train, roll out, measure & stay on course

Higher Education Content Strategy

We help colleges and universities define, launch, and maintain a content strategy. Our process provides the documentation, tools, and training to change your content culture.

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Harvard University

A research-driven approach to developing a content strategy for

Widener University

Launched a sustainable, brand-aligned content strategy for digital storytelling

blogger profiles
Dartmouth Admissions

Creating a content strategy to activate the Dartmouth brand platform with student stories

Your research projects for are amazingly insightful, and have changed Harvard for the better. We are much more informed about our content strategy for the next generation of the website, and we refer frequently to your insights.

Aaron Baker Associate Director of Content Strategy - Harvard University

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