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Coming off a university-wide rebranding, the redesigned Widener site needed to activate that brand while elevating their unique program offerings that put students on the inside track to success.

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A woman views the Widener homepage on a laptop screen

Brand Activation

Widener’s brand messaging centers around an experiential approach to learning that prepares students for success when they graduate. The redesign aimed to create a sense of trajectory and progress throughout while at the same time activating the brand visual language. At the same time, we made the sense of community palpable and demonstrated the compelling context of location.

  • special headline style
  • special arrow
  • special button
  • chart icon
  • dots pattern
hero image from the Widener home page

A Sustainable Approach to Digital Storytelling

Widener had a wealth of student stories and news content featured on their site, but the content wasn’t being presented in a cohesive way. We approached the new site as a publishing platform, and we took every opportunity to reuse the content and to surface stories in a meaningful way across the site. The result: each piece of content is used multiple times – increasing the value of the content, and decreasing the content needs overall.

Reusing the Whole Story

Elements of the student story are dynamically pulled onto the homepage and program pages – extending the reach of each piece of content and keeping evergreen content fresh.

Showcasing Opportunity

On the homepage, the student’s career plan is pulled to emphasize Widener’s focus on experiential learning and outcomes.

Communicating Program Relevance

On the program page, the quote in the story is pulled to emphasize the quality of the specific program.

screenshot of a blog page screenshot of a blog page

Story Detail Content: Video and Career Plan

Story Detail Content: Video and Quote

screenshot of a video
screenshot of a blockquote
screenshot of a basic Inside Track

Homepage Component

screenshot of the home page
screenshot of an Inside Track feature

Program Page Component

screenshot of a program page
screenshot of a Pride Perspective feature
A student story displayed on a tablet

Student Stories

Student stories showcase how all of the experiences at Widener – academics, clubs, sports, internships – put students on a trajectory for success.

Become Program-Forward

In support of both branding and recruitment goals, we enhanced the degree program discovery interface and optimized degree program content to elevate the understanding of the Widener learning experience and outcomes. The program pages reflect “inside track” details, leadership opportunities, and outcomes.

The Widener program finder
The Widener program finder displayed on a mobile device

The program pages illustrate how Widener’s degrees offer transformative preparation, support, and flexibility. To highlight the care, support and expertise from the faculty, we automatically integrated their profiles directly on the degree program pages.

  • Widener's Organization and Development program page
  • Widener's Nursing program page
  • Widener's Accounting program page
  • Widener's International Business program page

We really appreciate all OHO did to make our website relaunch a successful project. It was truly a collaborative partnership, and the feedback from our community was positive. We feel incredibly proud of the outcome!

Bridget Hilferty Director of Digital Communications, University Relations - Widener University



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