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Frustrated with the lead quality of your digital marketing campaigns? Looking to fill classes in a graduate program? Wondering how to recruit more students with your budget?

Higher Education Digital Marketing Lead Generation Experts

Paid Search. Instagram. TikTok. YouTube. LinkedIn. SEO. Retargeting. Geo-fencing.

You don’t have the time, resources, or team to figure it all out. All you care about is running a digital advertising and enrollment marketing campaign that generates quality leads to recruit students to meet your enrollment goals.

Over 180 colleges and universities have partnered with us as their higher ed marketing agency for three key reasons –our higher education marketing expertise, our emphasis on marketing to prospective students throughout the entire customer journey, and focus on data and analytics to track impact and optimize campaigns.

Delivering Digital Marketing & Enrollment Results

As a higher ed digital marketing agency with over 25 years of experience and 160+ higher ed clients, we create enrollment marketing campaigns using paid digital, SEO, and on-site conversion techniques to recruit the students you need.

miami business school

Filled 30 seats in a new MBA program in 5 months with paid search and LinkedIn campaigns

Miami Business School

Paid digital marketing campaigns – search, social, retargeting – plus a new website to increase graduate enrollment.

A Facebook ad for Champlain College displayed on an iPhone

Increase in leads from organic search after website relaunch

Champlain College Online

Increased the quality of leads from paid digital campaigns while reducing overall cost.

Pace University Digital Marketing Campaign Landing Page

Increased leads 22% using paid search and display retargeting

Pace University – Enrollment Marketing

Digital enrollment marketing campaigns for graduate programs across 5 graduate schools.

Ensuring Success with Our Digital Marketing Process

Higher education enrollment marketing is more than just placing ads – it's about connecting the dots from lead to applicant to student. Our process looks at all of the opportunities in paid media, organic search (SEO), and direct website traffic to shape a strategy to increase enrollments.

1. Understand Your Brand & Enrollment Goals

2. Create Your Custom Enrollment Marketing Campaign

3. Launch & Optimize Your Digital Marketing & Lead Generation Campaign

4. Generate Leads & Applications

Why OHO? They get the higher ed market, our prospect's customer journey, and they work to fill classrooms, not just garner leads. With OHO, the “A” team pitched and works with us. They manage budget as if it were their own and always think strategically.

Cristina Raecke Executive Director Graduate Business Programs, Enrollment & Marketing - Miami Herbert Business School, University of Miami

Unlike Other Higher Ed Marketing Agencies

Our higher education marketing clients tell us they hire us – and work with us year-over-year – because our transparent and open partnership. Our engagements are led by experienced digital marketing strategists and campaign managers who work to ensure your school recruits the students it needs.

A dedicated team you trust – experienced and collaborative

24/7 access to your data – online dashboards always available

Full budget transparency – always know how your money is being spent

Quality over quantity – getting you leads that turn into applications

Start Today. Drive Enrollment. Be Successful.

Schedule a 30-minute call to learn more about our proven process for higher education marketing campaigns and how OHO can help you recruit the students you need to exceed your enrollment goals.