User Research

We help you look at your website and digital marketing from the perspective of your prospects.

Surveys + Interviews

User insights drive our strategy and your success. Working from the inside out, we first capture insights from your stakeholder team about your audiences. Then, we survey users and conduct individual and group user tests to marry qualitative and quantitative insights. Our results are documented and ready for your organization to use.

Persona & Customer Journey

From our user research, we create personas and segments. These structures help UX designers organize your site or digital marketing messages around the prioritized needs of your prospects. We also document all marketing touchpoints and the related needs.

customer journey map - higher education user research
Customer journey maps document the marketing touchpoints and user needs and emotions
persona map
Segment journey
Capturing user sentiment

Improve Your Results.

Start with User Research

User surveys

1-on-1 user research studies

User focus groups

Persona and segmentation development

Customer journey mapping

Concept & messaging testing

Usability testing