Brandeis Alumni and University Relations Launches New User-Centered Site

May 24, 2013

After putting in four years (sometimes more!) of hard work, graduation is more than more than a marker of academic success. It's also an initiation into a huge community of alumni. Creating a online destination for geographically diverse individuals to come together and network was only part of the goal for the Brandeis Alumni and University Relations team. They wanted to update their web presence, build a user-centered destination that encourages visitor engagement, and integrate various platforms. OHO was happy to deliver two dynamic websites that can grow with the team's needs, make creating and managing content simple and fast, and are focused on providing a great user experience.

Brandeis Alumni & Friends is the digital home for the university's many alumni clubs. The alumni board played a very active role in the design process to ensure that individual alumni clubs would each have a unique page on the site. To meet this need, the club and group pages were built in Hannon Hill Cascade which allows for users, even those who are non-technical, to easily access and add or change content.

Brandeis Alumni & Friends new site

Brandeis Alumni & Friends

Support Brandeis, the university's giving site, required integrating Pentera (a planned giving marketing solution provider) with Harris Connect (a provider of strategic affinity solutions to organizations with a fundraising function).

Support Brandeis new site

Creating a new design and site architecture that reorganized existing content in a way that users would find appealing and easy to navigate helped the Alumni and University Relations team interact with their constituents more effectively. And by building the sites in a way that allows for future expansion of content, we solved issues that had been areas of frustration for the team. Ultimately the improved user-centered sites have resulted in an increase in audience engagement and participation—great news for the university and for alumni!

Brandeis University Alumni Association previous site

See the end result the Brandeis Alumni and University Relations team and OHO's redesign. Check out the Brandeis' Alumni & Friends site at and the Support Brandeis giving site at

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