Healthcare UX & User Research

We help you design a patient-centric website that meets consumer expectations.

Surveys + 1:1 Interviews

Healthcare decisions are complex. Through our proven process, we engage your prospective patients and map their attitudes, emotions and decision making process. Combining surveys, focus groups, workshops and 1:1 interviews we analyze and collect insights to improve your marketing and digital assets.

Persona & Customer Journey

From our user research, we create personas and segments. These structures help UX designers organize your site or digital marketing messages around the prioritized needs of your prospective patients. We also document all marketing touchpoints and the related user needs to maximize engagement and conversions.

customer journey map - higher education user research
Customer journey maps document the marketing touchpoints and user needs and emotions

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Start with User Research

User surveys

1-on-1 user research studies

User focus groups

Persona and segmentation development

Customer journey mapping

Concept & messaging testing

Usability testing