Some example Google Analytics 4 reports displayed on a laptop

Google Analytics 4 Setup & Configuration Start the Transition to Google Analytics 4

All existing instances of Universal Analytics will stop registering hits on July 1, 2023. Don't be left scrambling at the last minute — start the transition process now.

Get the Help You Need to Ensure a Smooth Transition

Even for organizations that have not yet begun to shift away from Universal Analytics, there’s still time to start planning for the transition. 

Unfortunately, making the transition is not as simple as adding a new tag to your site and watching new data pour in. There are a number of fundamental changes to how Google Analytics 4 processes and presents data, particularly when it comes to events, conversions, and reporting. If you need help navigating the transition, OHO has a proven process that will make the transition as seamless as possible for your organization.

Our Google Analytics 4 Transition Process

Define KPIs, website goals, and conversion points

Audit of current setup and internal use

Setup of GA4 Stream(s) with goal and event configurations

Configuration guidance — profiles, goals, events, segments, reports

Start the Transition Process Now

While some organizations will be able to manage the transition to GA4 in-house, there are many that won’t have the skills on staff or the bandwidth (or both) to handle it on their own. If you think you may need help with the process, OHO’s dedicated team of strategists can help you plan and execute the transition.