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Monthly Sessions to Grow Your Marketing Expertise

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At OHO, our goal is to help our colleagues in higher education succeed. Our webinar series is dedicated to addressing issues facing higher education marketing professionals and helping them overcome these issues at their schools.

OHO webinars are presented by OHO's talented team of strategists, creatives, and technologists with special guests from inside higher ed. Each webinar will focus on one topic: SEO, digital marketing, enrollment marketing, UX & design, or content strategy.

August 15 at 1:00 pm EDT — Unraveling the Customer Journey

Learn how to make sense of dozens of chaotic customer segments by consolidating them into a handful of personas based on quantifiable data. By further plotting the customer experience at every touch point with customer journey maps, marketers can design messaging and outreach that deepens the relationship and establish meaningful communication.

Digital Marketing Strategies, Trends, & Tactics for 2023

With the help of our talented team of digital marketing strategists, OHO's Founder and Managing Director, Jason Smith, has compiled a list of the most consequential trends and strategies to keep an eye on throughout 2023.

2023 Building a Better Higher Ed Marketing Team Survey Results

At the end of 2022, OHO fielded a survey to capture the state of higher education marketing teams and help our higher ed colleagues build a case for creating a winning marketing team. In this webinar, we’ll share high-level survey results, including what new roles marketing/communications leadership are building the case for to add to their team, what skills they have or plan to add in their department, who the marketing/communications division reports to, and much more.

Tracking Marketing Campaigns in Slate

One of higher education’s leading CRMs is a critical component of the marketing process and reporting on results. This panel of professionals from three different universities will be talking about their experience with Slate related to tracking and reporting on the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Understanding Website User Research Approaches

There are plenty of excuses for not conducting user research. Maybe you did some research three years ago that you rely on when making decisions, or perhaps it’s just not in the budget or project timeline. Or it could be that you think you already know your users. But the thing is, do you know how they act. OHO's Founder and Managing Director, Jason Smith, will share how marketing teams with any size budget can conduct effective user research.

Content Strategy — Planning, Activation and Measurement

Learn how to implement a story-first approach by defining content priorities, build a successful editorial process, develop strategies and tools for editorial calendars and meetings, coordinate more effectively with editorial partners, and measure content marketing success to inform future efforts.

Digital Marketing FOMO

There’s always a fear that there’s some new strategy that people are missing out on and things your peers or competitors are doing. Learn how to position your campaigns in an evolving digital marketing landscape.

How to Build a Website to Empower Content Creators

More and more institutions are developing centralized design systems — sets of reusable components and patterns — to enable designers to quickly lay out consistent solutions. But how can the front-line communicators — typically, the content editors working in the CMS — best employ these solutions to achieve specific goals?

Improve your SEO to Generate Leads

Attendees will learn the three main SEO strategies to implement to generate leads — how to optimize product or program pages and how to build a content marketing strategy.

Drupal 7 End of Life is Near – Is Your Website Ready?

After more than a decade of life, it was announced that official community support for Drupal 7 will end in November 2022, along with support provided by the Drupal Association on Drupal.org. If your site is still on version 7, here's what you can do.

Panel — Fall Trends in Recruitment Marketing

Three cutting edge panelists will discuss new initiatives they’re working on for the fall recruitment season.

Life After Redesign: Setting the Stage for Website Success

Once you launch a website, you’ve got to live with it. How can you hold your site accountable to the strategy behind it?

Measuring and Understanding the ROI of Your Paid Advertising Efforts

We’ll focus on tracking the success of your paid advertising efforts, setting KPIs, and calculating ROI.

Deploying Search Strategy Across Google & Bing

Join members of OHO's digital marketing team for help developing an SEO strategy for the two largest search engines.

Herding Cats — a Practical Primer on Leading a Successful Website Redesign

Learn how to start tackling a project that is as massive, important and touches as many people as a website redesign.