A woman sits at a desk watching a webinar

OHO U 2023 Online Conference — Slides and Recordings

Whether you couldn't join us for the OHO U 2023 Online Conference, or you're looking to get caught up on something you missed during the conference, the presentation slides and recordings can be accessed using the links below.

Christie Campbell, Vice President for Marketing and Communications, St. Edward’s University

Stay Strategic With Data

Learn how, through trial and error, Christie Campbell and her team at St. Edward’s University developed a turnkey monthly process to summarize the big wins, key stats, major takeaways and next steps across their marketing and communications.

Headshot of Allison Turcio, Director of Enrollment Marketing and Digital Strategy, Siena College

The Student-Centric Advantage: Using Qualitative Insights to Shape Higher Ed Marketing Strategies

Allison Turcio from Siena College delves deep into the student experience during the college search process and emphasizes the pivotal role of qualitative insights in crafting impactful marketing.

Chris Kostecki, Digital Marketing Senior Campaign Manager, OHO Interactive

Optimizations Are a Marathon not a Sprint, Taking an Annual Approach to Campaign Management

Chris Kostecki, OHO's Digital Marketing Senior Campaign Manager, shares insights from his 15 years of experience managing digital marketing campaigns to help you achieve long-term success.

Jason Smith and Amanda Richards Butts

Higher Ed Digital Marketing Strategies & Tactics

One of OHO's talented digital strategists, Amanda Richards Butts, joins OHO's founder and managing director, Jason Smith, to look back on emerging trends in higher education digital marketing and offer strategies and tactics teams can employ to ensure they aren't left behind. 

Georgy Cohen, Director of Digital Strategy

Higher Education Homepage Trends

What makes a great homepage? Informed by 10 years of user research, OHO's Director of Digital Strategy, Georgy Cohen, pulls apart the layers of UX, visual design, content strategy, and branding to reveal the building blocks of successful homepages.

Noel Fisher headshot

Trends in Digital Media

OHO's Senior Digital Marketing Strategist, Noel Fisher, shares a roundup of the latest tactics and trends schools are using to promote their programs and raise brand awareness.

Jordan McDonald, Manager of Digital Marketing Campaign Management

Tip Top Tricks & Trips

Jordan McDonald, OHO's Manager of Digital Marketing Campaign Managemen, shares some tips and tricks for colleges and universities interested in leveraging TikTok to elevate their brand.

Kathy Nontasak, Senior Partner Lead, Google

Google Presents: Shifting Student Priorities Amidst Uncertainty

During her talk, Kathy Nontasak, Senior Partner Lead at Google, discussed student sentiment in the face of economic uncertainty and how this impacts behavior. While we are unable to share a recording or slides from Kathy's presentation, we are happy to put you in touch with her and her team. If you have questions about her presentation, please email marketing@oho.com and we will forward your information along to Kathy. 

Jim Dalglish, Director, UX Research and Strategy, OHO Interactive

The Impact of AI Chatbots on the Prospective Student Journey

The prospective student journey is a constantly changing landscape, and the rise of generative AI chatbots offers prospective students an exciting new tool to help them determine their higher education path. OHO's Director, UX Research and Strategy, Jim Dalglish shares insights gleaned from surveying more than 500 prospective and current students as well as in-depth focus groups to determine how prospective students are using AI.

From left to right: Rachel Reuben Senor, VP of Account Strategy, OHO Interactive, Danielle Ford, Managing Assistant Director for Digital Content Strategy, Kean University, Robin Meeks, Chief Marketing Officer, Seattle University, Guisselle Nuñez, AVP Strategic Marketing Communications, SFSU

Planning for the Unknown — Marketing Priorities for a Shifting Higher Ed Landscape

OHO's VP of Account Strategy, Rachel Reuben Senor, leads a panel of higher education marketing leaders to discuss, where they are focusing their time and budget in the next five years, what they are excited about, changes in recruitment strategies, and how job responsibilities are changing and evolving.

Adrienne Ritchie, Digital Marketing Senior Data Analyst and SEO Strategist, OHO Interactive

Tips to Leverage GA4's Full Potential

OHO's Digital Marketing Senior Data Analyst and SEO Strategist, Adrienne Ritchie, shares tips and tricks to get the most out of Google's new analytics platform, GA4.