Crafted through our experience – OHO’s 4-step process gets your web project or digital campaign launched so you can start delivering results.

Discovery & Research

Together we discover and define a direction – workshops, interviews, user research, and audits inform our strategic roadmap.

Card Sorting
Engaging clients through discovery workshops

Design & Vision

Create a unified user experience – combining visual design, content messaging, and user experience to fulfill the roadmap.

Component-driven web design systems
Mood boards
User flows and wireframes
Design Systems
Website strategy war room


Together, we execute our shared vision through the creation of all the creative, content and development assets.

Members of the OHO Production team discuss user experience
Developers meet to discuss user experience.
woman at computer
braille reader
ADA compliance is built into our process and sites are tested before hand-off.

Assembly and Launch

Coordinate all of the components, test, and launch

The Pace website displayed on an iPhone
Paid digital marketing campaigns
Pace University Digital Marketing Campaign Landing Page
Digital marketing landing page
The Dominican site displayed on an iPad
Website launch