Best Practices Guide: The State of Higher Ed Web Teams

March 19, 2018
a notebook with charts and graphs

We surveyed marketing and communications professionals at 130 different higher education institutions to better understand the current state of higher education web teams. How are they structured? What skillsets are they adding? Are team sizes growing or shrinking?

We've analyzed the data to determine how higher education web teams are evolving, and what steps you can take to ensure your team is performing to its full potential. By filling out the form below, you'll receive immediate access to a wealth of information including:

  • Reporting structure for large and small institutions
  • What roles make up the average higher ed web team
  • The most desirable internal skills
  • The most common outsourced skills
  • Common responsibilities web teams face
  • Different approaches to content creation and web governance
  • ​​A 5-step action plan for making a case for changes within your team

Download Our Comprehensive State of Higher Education Web Teams Guide

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