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Attracting and Training Education’s Future Leaders

Elevating the prestige of USC Rossier with a refreshed website aimed at promoting research, engaging educators at all levels, and helping prospective students find the best fit program.

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  • Website Redesign
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  • Digital Strategy


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The USC Rossier homepage displayed on a laptop

Extending and Evolving the USC Brand

To elevate the prestige of the school, USC Rossier sought a more sophisticated visual design that moved beyond the brick red, gold, and yellows. Beginning with the brand styles, we evolved the application of the colors, added fresh accent colors, and introduced new shapes and graphic treatments that reflected the southern California location and echoed the architecture on campus. We presented two concepts – "Shaping Tomorrow, Today" (left) and "Doing the Work Together." (right).

  • USC Rossier Website Redesign by OHO – option A2
  • USC Rossier Website Redesign by OHO – option A1
  • USC Rossier Website Redesign by OHO – option B1
  • USC Rossier Website Redesign by OHO – option B2

A Homepage for All Audiences

The new homepage captures and reflects the community of USC Rossier through images and thoughtful content strategy that levels up to the brand pillars. The layout gives priority to prospective students with direct access to the program finder. To highlight Rossier's impact in education, the homepage highlights research articles and topical news stories related to current education issues.

The top of the USC Rossier homepage displaying a hero image of a graduating student

Elevating the Mission

Highlighting the school’s mission on the site is core to USC's brand identity.

A middle section of the USC Rossier homepage displaying program details and statistics

Showcasing USC's Reputation

The redesigned site reaffirms USC's reputation as a knowledge leader and driver of change by reshaping how it presents its impact and influence.

A middle section of the USC Rossier homepage displaying a testimonial quote

DEI at the Forefront

The new content strategy centers around inclusivity and is more intentional about how it produces and promotes both thought leadership content and school news and stories

Helping Prospective Students Find Their Path

The program finder guides prospective students to the best fit program and allows them to compare up to three programs side-by-side.

The USC Rossier program finder displayed on a mobile device
A collection of alumni outcomes from the USC Rossier website displayed on a tablet.

Incorporating Student Outcomes

Prospective students want to know what they can expect when they complete their program. Showcasing alumni stories throughout the site helps prospects get a sense of how attending USC Rossier can impact their career prospects.

The USC Rossier news & events page displayed on a desktop monitor

Emphasizing Thought Leadership

The updated News & Insights section applies a more sophisticated, editorial look-and-feel to reinforce the perception of USC Rossier as a thought leader.