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Higher Ed Content Strategy Course: Build a Strategy in 5 Days

Content strategy focuses and elevates your digital communications efforts. It aligns all of your content production to your key messages. Sounds simple, but developing and implementing a content strategy can be hard to explain and tricky to get started.

Breaking Down Content Strategy – One Email at a Time

To help you kick-start and navigate the process, we've developed a 5-day email course with hands-on exercises to align your team’s thinking and articulate a sustainable content strategy for all of your marketing efforts.

In this 5-day content strategy course, you'll receive all the tools you need to:

- Assess your existing content

- Envision thoughtful messaging and set attainable goals

- Document governance processes and best practices

- Assign roles and accountability to sustain your content strategy

Craft a Strategic and Sustainable Content Strategy with our 5-Day Course