Over 50 Companies in the September 2014 iBeacon Ecosphere

September 12, 2014

The September 2014 iBeacon Ecosystem is out with over 50 companies now offering hardware and CMS platforms for managing proximity campaigns. We're also starting to see more deals being signed for the rollout of beacons in stores across the US, including Simon Malls and GameStop.

We've begun an exhaustive research survey of companies providing hardware and CMS platforms for beacons. With about 20 firms responding, here's a read out of some of the preliminary findings:

  • 100% of the solutions are supporting iOS
  • 91% of the solutions are supporting Android
  • 59% of the companies are focused on retail applications
  • About 30% of the firms are focusing their solution on events, hospitality or sports applications
  • 36% of the beacon platform solutions support payments
  • 59% have registered with Apple for the iBeacon Licensee program

We'll be writing on the full results of this research in the coming weeks. If you're a company that is providing a CMS platform or beacon hardware and you haven't responded, we'd be glad to learn about your company and products.

Tell Us More about Your Beacon Product or Service

We'll be evolving the iBeacon Ecosystem infographic in the coming months by adding more detail about the proximity marketing landscape. Make sure your company is included by completing the survey.

Download the iBeacon Ecosystem

The Emerging iBeacon Ecosystem – September 2014 – PDF Download


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