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OHO U: Building a Better Higher Ed Marketing Team

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Harder, Better, Faster: Punking Your Way Through Project Management

Headshot of Kara Sassone, Digital Account Manager in Service, OHO Interactive
Kara Sassone, Digital Account Manager in Service, OHO Interactive

“Can you please do this?” “I can’t get that to work.” “Do you know where I’d find…” “Can you do this by EOD tomorrow?” The requests never stop, and you don’t want to become a “yes person,” but how do you take all of those requests and get them done?

Even before her title was Account Manager, Kara was acting as a project manager for a multitude of projects in higher education (and life) and has navigated both roles in higher education. In this session she will discuss tips and strategies for both account and project managers, as well as tips on how to get your work to work harder, better, and faster.

Kara has worked as a television journalist, web producer in higher ed and now a digital account manager — not a path she ever saw herself taking, but one she's enjoyed because throughout she has been working with people and helping to share their stories. Having worked in higher education she knows what many of her clients are facing and is here to support you!


Survey Says! Building a Better Higher Ed Marketing Team Survey Results

Rachel Reuben Senor, Vice President, Account Strategy
Rachel Reuben Senor
Vice President of Account Strategy, OHO Interactive

Between April-May 2021 OHO Interactive led a research study to better understand the staffing resources marketing and communication departments have, to capture the current and future states of higher education marketing teams — including roles, skills, and capabilities. In this session we’ll share the survey results, including what new roles departments are hoping to add to their team, what skills they have or plan to add in their department, who the marketing/communications division reports to, and much more. Attendees will receive  a copy of the final report later this summer.

Rachel Reuben Senor has over 25 years of marketing and leadership experience in higher education from her roles at SUNY New Paltz, Ithaca College, Colgate University, California College of the Arts, and consulting. She owned her own business as a senior marketing leadership consultant to higher education. In this capacity, she served as interim vice president for marketing and worked alongside CMOs and college Presidents to help them with their marketing operations. Rachel is a well-respected speaker and commentator within higher education. As Vice President, Account Strategy at OHO, Rachel brings new perspectives to our clients on long-term strategy, organizational design, and enrollment marketing. She leads our OHO U webinar series and conferences and consults with clients on organizational and operational assessments of their marketing and communication departments.


Heroes of Higher Ed Lightning Talks


Leading Online Brainstorms 🧠⚡

Headshot of Ashley Budd, director of marketing operations for alumni affairs and development at Cornell University
Ashley Budd, Director of Marketing Operations for Alumni Affairs and Development, Cornell University

Ashley Budd is director of marketing operations for alumni affairs and development at Cornell University. She is based in Saratoga Springs, N.Y., working remotely for the university for over seven years. Known for her creative and innovative marketing campaigns, Budd is one of the most influential voices in education marketing and fundraising. Before Cornell, Budd designed social media strategies for undergraduate admissions at her alma mater, Rochester Institute of Technology. She is author of the popular newsletter Ashley in Your Inbox and speaks regularly before international nonprofit groups.


Connecting the Dots: Making Sense of Accessibility for University Leaders

Headshot of Lindsey Sneed, IT Accessibility Specialist, University of Mississippi
Lindsey Sneed, IT Accessibility Specialist for the University of Mississippi

Lindsey Sneed is the IT Accessibility Specialist for the University of Mississippi where she coordinates and supports a wide range of projects that relate to digital accessibility. She is a passionate advocate for creating accessible and inclusive content and opportunities. Lindsey hopes to help make UM an academic community that is both welcoming and accessible to all.


How (and WHY) to Get to “Inbox Zero”

Headshot of Lori Packer, Director of Social Media, University of Rochester
Lori Packer, Director of Social Media, University of Rochester

Lori Packer is the director of social media for the University of Rochester. She has worked in higher education web and digital communications fields for more than 15 years. She is one of the organizers of the HighEdWeb annual conference, and has spoken at ConfabEDU, WPCampus, CASE Social Media Conference, Penn State Elements Web Conference, among others. In the last year, her role at the University of Rochester has shifted from a web “generalist” role (development, content, social media) to focus on the University’s social media presence. When not marveling at how much more freedom she has now that she can focus on one thing, Lori enjoys reading and watching science fiction and fantasy, kayaking and hiking, and cuddling her cats.

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