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OHO U 2020 Virtual Conference: Recordings

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Catch Up On Anything You Missed

We had an incredible turnout for the 2020 OHO U Virtual Conference, with more than 400 higher education professionals from 190 schools joining us to learn and network with their peers! 

One of the benefits of hosting the conference virtually is we have the opportunity to provide recordings for anyone who wasn't able to attend, needs to revisit important information they missed, or wants to share OHO U with a colleague.

We hope you'll find the recordings below helpful, and we'll be sure to keep you updated on any upcoming OHO U events that we're planning for the future!

Jim Dalglish headshot

Website UX: Session #1

Lights, Camera, Call to Action! Proven Approaches to Creating Effective Videos with Jim Dalglish, Director, UX Research and Strategy, OHO Interactive

You spend a ton of money every year on expensive video production, photoshoots, and graphic design for testimonials, webpages, campaigns, and advertisements. But how certain are you that they actually appeal to their targeted marketing personas?

Kelly O'Foran headshot

Website UX: Session #2

Using Heatmaps to Improve User Experience with Kelly O'Foran, Senior Designer, Visual/UX, OHO Interactive

Using a heatmapping tool like Crazyegg or Hotjar can help us identify user experience issues — as well as correct them. 

Christina Raecke headshot

Enrollment Marketing: Session #1

Pivot to Pandemic: Enrollment Marketing Strategies Amidst Uncertainty with Cristina M. Raecke, Executive Director of Marketing and Enrollment, Miami Herbert Business School

Universities are used to evolving, and in the time of COVID, it has never been more apparent.  Enrollment marketing playbooks have completely gone out the window. 

Joshua May headshot

Enrollment Marketing: Session #2

43 Things I Wish I Had Known About Slate When I Started Using It with Joshua May from Wheaton College

This session is geared towards helping marketers get a sense of what works, how it works, and some pitfalls to avoid as you build out your Slate instance. 

Courtney Minden and Gil Rogers headshots

Enrollment Marketing: Session #3

An Entrepreneurial Approach to Virtual Engagement with Courtney Minden from Babson College and Gil Rogers from PlatformQ Education

This candid conversation focuses on the process Babson College went through when determining how to adapt spring events and fall outreach programs in support of new student marketing and recruitment.

Corynn Myers headshot

Digital Marketing: Session #1

Playbook for Measuring Paid Advertising with Corynn Myers from the University of Michigan

To truly measure something requires a team of experts, leadership buy-in, the right people at the table, historical data, the right strategy and preparation and a common definition of success.

Giscard James and Ken Lund headshots

Digital Marketing: Session #2

Become a Lead Nurturing Master: Strategy, Segmentation, Optimization, and Everything in Between with Giscard James and Ken Lund from CIEE

Developing an automated email drip campaign to nurture leads can make or break your prospective students' interest in your college or university, as well as whether or not they take the intended action steps.

Noel Fisher headshot

Digital Marketing: Session #3

Making SEO work for U with Noel Fisher from OHO Interactive

Most SEO guides are written for businesses and monetized sites, but colleges and universities have different needs and concerns when it comes to showing up in search results. This workshop session will provide best practices and approaches your school can use for SEO, as well as short exercises to help put them in action.

Bridget Hilferty and Georgy Cohen headshots

Content Strategy: Session #1

Building Brand Engagement Through Content Strategy with Bridget Hilferty from Widener University and Georgy Cohen from OHO Interactive

Georgy and Bridget demonstrate how a website redesign presented a powerful opportunity to better engage audiences by streamlining the editorial process, reinventing the brand storytelling approach, and using the CMS to present stories in relevant context site-wide.

Sarah Maxell Crosby, Cherrelle Nicholson, Tim Nekritz, and Tim Senft headshots

Content Strategy: Session #2

Beyond the "Publish" Button  A Panel Conversation about Editorial Operations and Storytelling with Sarah Maxell Crosby from OHO Interactive, Cherrelle Nicholson from St. John’s University, Tim Nekritz from SUNY Oswego, and Tim Senft from The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at Cornell University