From Mess To Success: How Content Strategy Can Save Your Web Project

February 12, 2015

“We need to fix the website” is a common refrain. But why? To what end? And how? A redesign project is no small feat, requiring significant time and resources to pull off. But how can you ensure that the effort will result in an appropriate, sustainable solution that won’t just feel good on day one but also works well on day two and beyond?

In “From Mess to Success – How Content Strategy Can Save Your Web Project,” Georgy Cohen, OHO’s Associate Creative Director, Content Strategy breaks down the discipline of content strategy, explaining its value as a core principle for your redesign effort. “Content strategy can sometimes seem out of reach, given limited time and resources. But it is doable! And making the investment from the outset of your project will result in a more efficient and effective end product.”

There were a number of key takeaways from the presentation that can help guide you through using content strategy to ensure a successful website redesign.

The Four Components of Content Strategy

A combination of content components and people components, Brain Traffic defines the four components of content strategy as:

  • Substance
  • Structure
  • Workflow
  • Governance

Content Strategy is Doable

While there are a lot of scary things about content strategy – the cost associated, the time and resources it demands, or the executive buy-in it requires – it is absolutely doable. Things to keep in mind that will make content strategy seem well within reach include:

  • Focus on what users need
  • Create a first impression that is positive, real, and lasting
  • Create filter questions that allow you to select the right content and carry out your vision

Making Content Strategy Work

There are a number of steps involved in carrying out a successful content strategy.

  • Consider the basics
  • Take the temperature of stakeholders
  • Assess your resources
  • Evaluate existing processes
  • Take stock of content
  • Lay the foundation
  • Start making the case

Above all, remember that content strategy isn’t just something you think about only for the launch of a website redesign, it is a critical component of an ongoing plan to keep a website relevant, fresh, and user-friendly.

Watch the webinar now:

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