Highlights from DrupalCon DC: Drupal & Facebook

OHO, a certified Acquia Drupal partner, had a significant presence at DrupalCon DC last week.

OHO developers, designers, and project managers headed down from Boston to attend dozens of sessions, take pages & pages of notes, and grow a hat size or two. This week, the OHO blog will cover some of our favorite parts of the conference.
A lot of our clients ask how they can leverage a social networking site like Facebook to bolster their own site's presence. One of the best ways to do this is to provide Facebook content within your site. "Developing Facebook Applications in Drupal" gave us a great overview of how to do this. Listening to the session, we discovered that the technologies Facebook provides mesh perfectly with what we do at OHO. We're looking forward to implementing this functionality for our customers.
You can watch the session here.

Rachel Sherman, Marketing Manager

Rachel Sherman

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