Drupal Expertise From OHO at Drupaldelphia

Dave’s Drupal expertise runs deep – he’s been developing with Drupal since version 5 and specializes in architecting Drupal solutions and scoping large Drupal projects.

We’re proud to announce that OHO’s Dave Sawyer, Solutions Architect, will be delivering two sessions at the upcoming Drupaldelphia conference on Friday, October 11.

The first session, Drupal + Docs: Integrating Drupal with Google Drive, Dropbox, and More, will be part technical, part tactical, and will aim to provide attendees with a lay of the land so far as development options and level of effort associated with integrations like:

  • Automatic creation of nodes for Google documents

  • Automatic insertion of Webform submissions as new rows in a Google spreadsheet

  • Allowing your Drupal users to browse and upload files into a Dropbox account

Dave’s second session, Bang for the Buck: Improving Drupal Site Performance on a Budget, is perfect for attendees who want an overview of Drupal site optimization best practices and basics. It will examine some often overlooked changes and enhancements that can add up to significant speed-ups – with specific focus on free tools and techniques that can be implemented with relative ease and for little to no cost.

For more information on Drupaldelphia, visit the conference website. Find Dave on Twitter at @cmsdave

Rachel Sherman, Marketing Manager

Rachel Sherman

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