AI Tools for Higher Education Digital Marketing

Many higher education marketing professionals have fully embraced generative AI. Others are just dipping their toes into the possibilities, while some remain skeptical. Wherever you fall on that scale, there’s plenty more to discover in the ever-evolving world of artificial intelligence.



Artificial intelligence (AI) is making waves in industries of all kinds. Forbes reports that 83% of companies say using AI in their business strategies is a top priority. But it’s more than using AI to crunch numbers; it’s also about workplace efficiency. And according to a study from PwC, AI is expected to improve employee productivity by 40% by 2035. 

The demand for AI-powered tools and technology continues to rise. According to Tracx Technologies, there were more than 14,000 AI start-ups in the United States as of March 2023. Among the fastest-growing products are chatbots, a market expected to surpass $1.25 billion by 2025, according to Statista. 

When it comes to higher education, AI has already been implemented into programs many digital marketing professionals use everyday, from Gmail and Google Docs to social media management platforms like Sprout and CoSchedule. Aside from built-in generative AI features in existing writing and design tools, the digital marketing landscape is seeing an influx of new products and services rooted in AI. In this post, we’ll share a few that might be worth a look, based on your institution’s creative needs. 

Note: Any prices/packages provided here as a reference point only; please check with individual platforms for the most up to date pricing and features. 

Content Strategy & Writing AI Tools

When you think of AI-powered writing, ChatGPT likely comes to mind. With free and paid versions, this generative AI tool is the one that’s getting all the buzz across campuses and in the mainstream media. If you’re like many people, you’ve probably already experimented with ChatGPT (personally or professionally) for brainstorming, writing, editing, and research. But there are plenty more AI tools to consider as you look for assistance with content creation. 


Designed specifically for marketing, Jasper generates content using a variety of templates, such as blog posts or emails. Over time, thanks to machine learning, this subscription-based tool can adapt to fit the user’s brand voice.

Cost: Offers a free trial and three main monthly plans, Creator ($39), Pro ($59), and Business (custom pricing).


Aimed at creating SEO-optimized content at scale, INK offers a variety of writing, editing, and image creation tools. 

Cost: Offers a free trial and two main monthly plans, Professional ($39) and Enterprise ($99).


Focusing on content strategy, this AI-driven platform focuses on content analysis and optimization. It provides keyword research, content briefs, and more. 

Cost: Offers a free trial and three main plans, starting at $149/month through a custom premium solution.


Reword bills itself as “your own AI co-writer,” and offers writing, editing, research, and optimization tools. 

Cost: Monthly plans start at $39/month with tiered pricing based on article quantity; the unlimited plan is $299/mo. 


This robust platform offers AI-powered SEO planning, research, writing, optimization, and analysis. 

Cost: Offers a free trial and four main plans, starting at $18/month through custom enterprise solutions. 

Ad Elements & Production AI Tools

AI tools are for more than writing and research; they’re also gaining traction in visual and multimedia creation. Digital marketing comes in many forms, from paid search to video ads. So AI tools in this realm focus on the many moving parts that come with ad production, from copywriting to voice to video. 

This generative AI platform assists you with building campaign components, from creative to copy. It also provides insights and other intelligence. 

Cost: Free trial available, with monthly plans ranging from Startup ($21) to Agency ($499).

Adobe Firefly

This generative, visual AI tool from Adobe is reminiscent of some of the features you might find in PhotoShop, such as fill and special effects. You can also generate images from text prompts.

Cost: Free


This powerful digital marketing AI tool focuses on creative automation, including dynamic product ads and video. 

Cost: Requires demo and quote. 


Billed as an “AI performance writing platform for marketing results,” Anyword offers a range of products and services. Among them are a blog wizard and data-driven editor.

Cost: Free trial available, with monthly plans ranging from Starter ($39) to Business ($349).


Fliki’s Magic Create features allow you to make videos from a range of existing content, from PowerPoint presentations to blog posts. 

Cost: Offers a free plan, plus several paid monthly, including Standard ($21), Solo ($66) and Enterprise (custom pricing).


This platform allows you to create videos using an avatar, a template (or custom design), and your script. 

Cost: Offers a free trial and three main monthly plans, Creator ($24), Business ($72), and Enterprise (custom pricing).


This generative text-to-speech AI engine allows you to create voiceovers in 1,000 difference voices—or clone your own. 

Cost: Offers a free plan, plus several paid monthly which include Individual ($19), Solo ($39) and Agency ($99).


This AI-powered video editing platform creates shorter clips from your existing content. This is helpful for making brief content for social posts. 

Cost: Not available.


Also useful for repurposing your existing video content, this generative AI tool creates shorter clips with just one click. 

Cost: Offers a free plan, as well as monthly subscription plans Starter ($9) and Pro ($29).


This platform allows you to create video content with no editing experience. It offers an AI script assistant, 160+ avatars, media and music libraries, templates, and more.

Cost: Offers a free trial and three main monthly plans, Starter ($22), Creator ($67), and Enterprise (custom pricing).

Other Digital Marketing AI Tools

Digital marketing is a broad field, and AI tools are beginning to appear for even more niche purposes. 

Campaign Optimization

AI tools can also aid with campaign optimization. is one example. This platform, which works with paid search and social, offers planning, building, optimization, and reporting features. Pricing for is customized.   

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing in higher education is a growing area. Influency offers an end-to-end solution for influence campaigns, from identifying content creators to tracking performance. 

Lead nurturing 

Another area of digital marketing is lead nurturing. BHuman is an AI solution offering personalized video at scale. Pricing ranges from a free trial to an ultimate package for $150/month. 

How Should We Use These Tools?

The rapid growth of generative AI has left many marketing teams scrambling to decide if, when, and how it is appropriate to use AI. There's no blanket answer to any of those questions, which is why it's so important to establish a generative AI policy that clearly outlines what applications are appropriate for AI within your organization and on your team. As AI tools continue to grow and evolve, you'll need to revisit your policy to ensure it's relevant and up to date

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