Our Work

The University of Scranton

University seeking to capitalize on momentum from a $260 million investment creates new website to increase campus visits and enrollments.
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What we did

After a $260 million investment in facilities and faculty, The University of Scranton wanted to create a new website that would help capitalize on the buzz resulting from the investment, effectively communicate their unique story, reflect their community values, and ultimately drive campus visits and enrollments.

We worked with the university to retrofit their existing site structure into a new creative design. In addition to the main site, we built a new undergraduate admissions site on Hannon Hill Cascade.

  • User Research – Conduct user research to understand motivating factors for prospective students to schedule campus visits and how best to feature unique aspects of the curriculum as well as the school’s religious mission and ministry.
  • Website Redesign – Retrofit existing site structure into new responsive creative design and new responsive undergraduate admissions site to be built on Hannon Hill Cascade.
  • Content Strategy – Feature photography of the university community throughout the site to share the student experience in a compelling and authentic narrative that helps visitors connect on a personal level.

Launch: August 2013

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