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Notre Dame of Maryland University

Responsive site redesign focused on providing greater clarity for the unique offers of each of the school's three distinct programs.
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What we did

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Notre Dame of Maryland University serves three unique audiences through a women's college, graduate studies, and continuing education. The new site needed to deliver tailored messages to each audience. We reorganized the site to align with the customer journeys of each type of prospective student and transformed the site into a story telling platform. Through an extensive user research engagement, we defined a number of key objectives:

  • Create a sense of place – Vibrant photography featuring students accurately portrayed the campus life in suburban Baltimore.
  • Information architecture – Delineating the site navigation based on the three distinct audiences helped clarify offerings and reduced user confusion. 
  • Demonstrate outcomes – Through statistics and testimonials, the site shows the value of a degree from Notre Dame of Maryland
  • Content strategy – An emphasis on campus news, events, and student testimonials provides users with a sense of what it feels like to actually attend the university. The content centers around the school's Catholic affiliation and history of social justice. 
  • Governance & staffing – We recommended evolving the web team away from a single webmaster, to a more robust team that could better handle the needs of a content-rich higher education site. Creating content guidelines and editorial calendars provides the team a clear path forward for managing content in the future. 

Launch: April 2017