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Northeastern University School of Law

Integrated marketing strategy for higher ed incorporates digital, print, and multimedia to demonstrate positive student outcomes and increase enrollments.
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What we did

  • Northeastern School of Law website
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  • Northeastern School of Law website
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Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL) offers a unique collaborative educational experience through their Cooperative Legal Education Program, also known as Co-op, and wanted to feature this innovative program and its benefits in their marketing communications.

To redesign NUSL’s marketing communications, we first conducted research to better understand the school’s prospects and their decision making process. We then used these findings to create a new website, viewbook, and multimedia content.

  • User Research – Conduct internal, external, and competitor research to understand which information is critical to prospective students and what program evaluation criteria they use in their decision making process.
  • Visual Design – Create a suite of marketing communications assets including a website built on Hannon Hill Cascade and a viewbook that illustrates the various individual pathways of a number of graduates.
  • Multimedia Content – Feature student testimonials through video content highlighting the experiences NUSL students have had in the Co-op program.

Launch: May 2016

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