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Museum of Science: Engineering is Elementary

Brand strategy and information architecture combine with Drupal expertise resulting in increased conversions and web metrics.
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Engineering is Elementary website before redesign

After a previous website redesign missed the mark, Engineering is Elementary (EIE) needed a new digital strategy partner to fix their website and help positively impact on their business.

Project goals:

  • Design a new user experience to replace an existing frustrating and confusing one that detracts from understanding and adoption of the EIE curriculum.
  • Develop a new Drupal-based content management system that enables the team to control the additions and revisions of website content with ease.
  • Build a stable and reliable site environment and provide ongoing support.


  • Engineering Is Elementary Website
  • Engineering Is Elementary Website
  • Engineering Is Elementary Website
  • Engineering Is Elementary Website on Laptop
  • Engineering Is Elementary Website on Laptop
  • Engineering Is Elementary Website on Laptop

In order to fix EIE’s website and provide a content management system that would allow them to fulfill their marketing strategy and meet their business goals, our project plan included an evaluation of brand strategy, user flows, and sales processes that resulted in a successful website launch.

  • Brand Strategy – Develop an overarching identity for EIE, identities for individual products, and a style guide outlining brand characteristics for each in order to create a foundation that clearly showcases the organization’s mission and curriculums on their website.
  • User Experience Design – Map an intuitive information architecture that incorporates the main brand as well as three products each targeted to elementary and middle school teachers, out-of-school time program administrators, and after-school and camp directors, while taking into consideration the buying process for each group.
  • Content Management System and Website Development – Execute full rebuild of existing Drupal website in order to fix major technical issues resulting from previous vendor’s implementation and eliminate need for an additional proprietary CMS that had been in use.

Launch: February 2014



increase in page views year-over-year


newsletter signups


increase in conversions of workshop engagements

The staff at Engineering is Elementary are a small, dynamic group with strong opinions and we look to boutique vendors to allow us to be creative but also help us reach our goals. OHO has been that for us and so much more. They have helped us to create a beautiful and easy to use website to help people learn more about engineering at the elementary level.

Valerie Costa
Operations & Technical Project Manager
Engineering is Elementary

With their new content management system, the EIE team has streamlined processes and can focus on meeting their business goals. The new information architecture and improved user experience design provides visitors with an exceptional digital experience that has resulted in:

  • A 31% increase in web sessions from the previous year
  • A year-over-year sales increase of 12%
  • More than 200 account signups

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