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Cambridge College

User research and testing drives website redesign resulting in digital unification of multiple campuses and an increase in online applications.
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Cambridge College website before redesign

Faced with a shifting higher education landscape as well as decreasing recruitment and enrollment numbers, Cambridge College wanted a new website to better communicate with prospective students.

Project goals:

  • Create differentiated websites for main campus and seven regional campuses in various geographies while maintaing consistent branding.
  • Reorganize degree and course information from a 400-page downloadable PDF to a clear and easy-to-access representation of programs of interest.
  • Implement new information architecture and site navigation with intuitive and optimized user experience, including a directory of department and programs.


  • Cambridge College Website
  • Cambridge College Website
  • Cambridge College Website
  • Cambridge College Website
  • Cambridge College Website

Cambridge College’s new website presented both a new user experience and visual design while also giving the ability to market to audiences across regions. By incorporating data collected though internal and external focus groups and interviews, we built a site with user flows that appeals to and engages various user personas representative of the school’s prospective students.

  • Information Architecture – Build unified site architecture to accommodate for unique positioning of individual campuses and improve navigation to reflect real-life use cases and present an optimized experience for site visitors.
  • Content Management – Develop a content management system that allows the main campus to create centralized messaging that pushes to regional campus microsites while giving microsites the control to edit their own content in designated areas of the page.
  • Unify Branding – Create a unified brand across all site pages for a consistent visual experience.

Launch: December 2013



increase in pages viewed per visit


increase in time spent on site


increase in weekly online applications

The response has been overwhelmingly positive to the fresh and engaging appearance, not to mention the ease of use. We couldn’t be happier. The website is our most visible face to the world and now, something we can smile about.

Deborah C. Jackson
Cambridge College

Cambridge College’s new website is a point of pride for the campus community for its engaging visual design and high-quality user experience which has resulted in significant improvements across key performance metrics including bounce rate, page views, time spent on site, and online applications.

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