Healthcare Infographic: Marketing Medicare to Baby Boomers

March 20, 2015

Baby Boomers make up more than a quarter of the population of the United States. That’s 77 million people who, as they reach retirement age, are seeking information and answers to questions about Medicare insurance plans. The door is wide open for healthcare marketers to capitalize on an incredible growth opportunity. But before they can start marketing to Baby Boomers, healthcare marketers need to understand how this group likes getting information about health-related matters, their online usage behaviors, and how they envision themselves.


Best Practices Guide: How to Use Real-Time Website Content Personalization to Increase Engagement and Drive Results

December 04, 2014

Websites have long been “one size fits all” experiences, but as marketers have found more effective ways to leverage user data and tools have become increasingly sophisticated, web experiences have come a long way.


Proving The Value of Digital Marketing: Best Practices Guide Now Available

July 29, 2014

Higher education is in transition. Increasing competition and rising prices have forced students to become more selective in their school choice, and alternative methods of learning are having an impact on the pool of prospective students. Glossy brochures have been replaced by social media and the web to capture prospective student's attention.


Higher Education Infographic: The Student Lifecycle

February 18, 2014

Many factors weigh in the decision-making process for prospective students. It's critical for higher education institutions to deliver the right information at the right time. To communicate effectively, it's important to understand the type of messaging that will resonate most with prospective students as they make their way through the student lifecycle.


Mobile Usability Testing Best Practices Guide Now Available

November 18, 2013

With more and more people regularly accessing the Internet from hand-held devices, websites that are not optimized for mobile are going to be left behind. Creating a seamless user experience for visitors on mobile devices is critical to your ability to connect with site users, and ultimately, for meeting your key performance metrics.


Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications Presentation Now Available

November 07, 2013

OHO Interactive’s Jason Smith and Jim Dalglish recently presented at the 2013 Face of Finance Conference held by the User Experience Center at Bentley University. Their presentation, Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications: How To Increase Conversions Without Changing Your Third-Party Software Products, is now available.

View the slides to learn how banks can improve their online customer experience, increase conversions, and decrease call center volume.


Responsive Design: How To Get Started Guide Now Available

November 06, 2013

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, you’re probably considering a responsive design. Responsive website design is fast becoming the standard for providing an optimized web experience for mobile users, and while we’ve been talking about it for a while, it still feels new to many.


Mobile Usage in Higher Education Trend Report (Infographic)

October 07, 2013

Mobile has changed how Higher Education institutions use their websites to communicate with current and prospective students.

With mobile traffic on the rise for higher education websites, testing mobile site performance must be part of the digital strategy. Use this handy infographic to understand how mobile is growing, which devices visitors are using to access your site, what type of information they are looking for, and how you can effectively reach both current and prospective students.


Planning Your Website Redesign Project: 62 Questions to Ask

August 29, 2013

A website redesign project is a major undertaking. There's so much to think about, questions to ask, things to consider. We've covered what to put in a higher education RFP, but for projects not in higher ed, the needs are different. That's why we've created this guide for organizations outside of higher ed. Before you reach out to prospective partners, use this guide to map out your project plan and identify your priorities.


62 Questions to Ask Before Your Higher Education RFP

May 26, 2013

The landscape has dramatically changed for colleges and universities, but your RFP process may not take into consideration the new site your institution needs. From mobile to social media, SEO to online learning integration, today's college website is a learning and communications tool. Making sure your RFP includes all the moving parts your site needs helps you know going in how long your new site will take, what resources you need to make it a reality, and map clear goals from the outset.