Content Personalization That Drives Customer Action Webinar Recap

September 30, 2013

Marketers have found that personalization is a powerful tool for inspiring and empowering users to take specific actions. According to a recent study, the majority of consumers agree, with 61% stating that they feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized. 


Responsive Website Design and Development Best Practices Webinar Recap

September 03, 2013

If you missed our recent webinar in partnership with Acquia on Best Practices for Creating Responsive Websites, no need to worry. We've summarized the key takeaways below and you can view the recording at the end of this post.


Planning Your Higher Ed Website Redesign Webinar: 5 Key Takeaways

August 12, 2013

OHO's recent webinar, Planning For Your Higher Ed Website Redesign with Jason Smith, gave a thorough overview for digital strategists looking to improve their institution’s website. Webinar attendees heard specific tactics they can take to ensure a smooth process. If you missed the webinar, you can watch the recorded version at the bottom of the post.  We’ve also summarized the top 5 key takeaways below.


Reaching Adult Learners for Online Programs

November 15, 2012

With nearly 30% of the 18 million college students over age 25, American colleges and universities are tailoring their programs to reach these "non-traditional" college students with more flexible evening and weekend classes, fully online programs, and hybrid programs that combine classes offered both on- and off-site. As degree completion options expand and student expectations of program offerings grow, schools need to know how to reach these students.


Motivatability: Driving the Clicks that Lie Beyond Usability

July 31, 2012

Watch Jason Smith and Jim Dalglish discuss the concept of motivatability. Learn what motivatability is, how it can help you create a meaningful relationship with your users, and how it is key to getting them to take a desired action.

Watch Our Webinar: Retooling Your Website to Attract More Students

September 28, 2011

Yesterday, I spoke in a webinar on how colleges can retool their websites to reach more students, encourage admitted students to enroll, and attract graduate students who have more options than ever. Here's the recording so you can watch at your convenience.  


From Usability to Lovability: Creating Apps that People Love to Use

May 05, 2011

Watch this webinar to learn what factors make a product resonate with users, how to determine what your end users really need from your product rather than what they say they need, factors beyond your product itself that help determine the user experience, and ways to structure user experience so that users learn how to use an application quickly with less training.


Academic Recruitment 2.0 with Drupal

December 19, 2010

Watch this webinar on academic recruiting with Drupal, hosted by Jason Smith of OHO Interactive and Bryan House of Acquia. You'll learn about research, features, and functionality, and why Drupal is great for higher education websites.


Drupal Tips'N Tricks

September 24, 2010

Watch this webinar for an introduction to Drupal and learn how to integrate it with other platforms, use existing SEO modules, explore multi-site options, and hear themeing do's and don'ts.


Drupal Domain Access

April 08, 2010

Watch this webinar to learn about Drupal Domain Access. Learn when to use domain access, what to consider when branding sub sites, common pitfalls to avoid, and what to think about with regard to multi-site information architecture.