Web Development

Drupal Website Design

August 31, 2009

One of the concerns we hear about using the content management system Drupal for website design and implementation is that all of the sites "look the same."

While it is true that out of the box Drupal templates – or themes – have a similar design structure, the Drupal theme engine allows for extreme flexibility.

As we've used Drupal for website design implementations, our team has been able to create interface and design themes that meet the business and marketing requirements of our clients without experiencing limitations from Drupal.


AHIRC: Making Research More Accessible By Better Search

April 29, 2009

New York based Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC) has a mission to make quality, affordable health insurance and health care available to every artist in the United States. Over the past 10 years they have created a rich database of over 4,000 heath insurance plans, health care providers, initiatives, and related resources throughout the country.


OHO Releases Faceted Search Site

March 23, 2009

We are now featuring an exciting new technology on one of our Web sites: Faceted Search.

Our new site for the Actors' Health Insurance Research Center uses a Faceted Search Drupal module. The module allows the user to browse the taxonomy hierarchy to retrieve and filter results.


MIT Media Lab Selects OHO for Scratch-Ed Teacher Portal

March 02, 2009

The Scratch project at the MIT Media Lab has selected OHO to develop a new community web site for educators. Scratch is a new programming language that enables people to easily construct a wide variety of interactive projects. These projects can be shared on the Scratch site. It is focused on helping young people age 8 and up develop mathematical, computational, reasoning and problem solving skills.


Asian University For Women

January 08, 2009

OHO developed an interactive system for handling applications for the Asian University for Women, based in Chittagong Bangladesh. With an integrated user interface, prospects can now complete and submit enrollment and financial aid application online, simplifying administration and streamlining the enrollment process. The Asian University for Women provides higher education opportunities to women throughout Asia and is supported by the Cambridge Massachusetts based Asian University for Women Support Foundation.