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GradCity Launches Responsive Website

March 17, 2014

Growing up in the snowy winters of the Northeast can be fun. Snow days! Hot cocoa! It can also be disappointing, like during your senior year when your high school combines February and April vacations into one week in March because of an excess of snow days. Losing a week of vacation was harsh, but it did get us the parental sympathy required to take a senior trip.


11 Drupal Implementation Mistakes

March 04, 2014

If you're not careful when it comes to implementing your Drupal site, a lot can go wrong. Working with a partner who has Drupal expertise and plenty of experience can help you avoid costly mistakes that can derail your digital strategy. Here's our list of 11 common mistakes that are entirely avoidable, along with the reaction you can expect if you make them.


iBeacon vs. Near Field Communication (NFC): The Battle for Proximity Marketing

February 13, 2014

iBeacon has been getting lots of attention this past week with a surge in articles and an analyst report calling out the potential for improving proximity marketing on mobile devices. Last year’s iBeacon announcement, along with the release of the iPhone 5S with a fingerprint sensor to facilitate e-commerce, has opened up the debate as to whether the more elegant iBeacon “touchless” payment will destroy NFC for mobile payment.

According to Google Trends, iBeacon has a long way to go to catch NFC. Clearly iBeacon is a very interesting, but still emerging technology.


OHO Interactive Silver Sponsors of Cornell DrupalCamp

November 25, 2013

OHO is pleased to announce our Silver Sponsorship of Cornell University’s first DrupalCamp on Monday, December 2nd. The camp will focus on Drupal in highereducation, highlighting the explosion in the adoption of Drupal at colleges and universities around the world.


3 Must-Ask Questions Before Starting Your Website Redesign

November 19, 2013

Anyone who has ever spearheaded a website redesign project knows how challenging it can be. An especially demanding part of the process is managing stakeholders, sometimes too many, and acknowledging their individual sense of ownership of the website.  Despite the difficulties, with proper preparation, the successful guidance of a web project to completion can be achieved.


Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications Presentation Now Available

November 07, 2013

OHO Interactive’s Jason Smith and Jim Dalglish recently presented at the 2013 Face of Finance Conference held by the User Experience Center at Bentley University. Their presentation, Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications: How To Increase Conversions Without Changing Your Third-Party Software Products, is now available.

View the slides to learn how banks can improve their online customer experience, increase conversions, and decrease call center volume.


Responsive Design: How To Get Started Guide Now Available

November 06, 2013

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, you’re probably considering a responsive design. Responsive website design is fast becoming the standard for providing an optimized web experience for mobile users, and while we’ve been talking about it for a while, it still feels new to many.


Drupal Expertise From OHO at Drupaldelphia

October 08, 2013

We’re proud to announce that OHO’s Dave Sawyer, Solutions Architect, will be delivering two sessions at the upcoming Drupaldelphia conference on Friday, October 11. Dave’s Drupal expertise runs deep – he’s been developing with Drupal since version 5 and specializes in architecting Drupal solutions and scoping large Drupal projects.


Using Drupal To Build an Integrated Digital Engagement Platform

October 04, 2013

If you missed our recent webinar with OHO's John Money and Jeremy Duffy on using Drupal to build an integrated digital engagement platform, not to worry. We’ve put together the following recap and you can watch the recorded webinar here, at your convenience.


Content Personalization That Drives Customer Action Webinar Recap

September 30, 2013

Marketers have found that personalization is a powerful tool for inspiring and empowering users to take specific actions. According to a recent study, the majority of consumers agree, with 61% stating that they feel more positive about a brand when marketing messages are personalized.