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Explained in 60 Seconds: Style Guides

April 07, 2015

You may think you know exactly what a style guide is, but depending on who you’re talking to, you could be completely wrong. Most of us, particularly those of us who have anything to do with maintaining brand identity, assume a style guide refers to a collection of guidelines that govern usage of creative elements and details in digital, print, and media vehicles. And while we’re right about that, there are other types of style guides that are just as important to keeping a consistent brand look and feel.


How Your Higher Ed Website Is Failing At Recruiting Undergraduate Students

March 16, 2015

The recent announcement that Sweet Briar College will be closing its doors at the end of the academic year has some experts heralding the start of a trend for higher education institutions with dwindling enrollment numbers. While unfortunate, this contraction in the number of small, private colleges and universities across the country is not unexpected.


How to Get Great Photography That Doesn't Look Like Stock

February 24, 2015

Okay, we have a confession to make: not all of the photography on our blogs are created by us. What? This is madness! Before you go out rioting on the street, let us explain. Having eye-popping, unique visuals can truly make or break posts regardless of the content. Lucky for us, there are a handful of great websites that want to put in the hard work for us. The following are some of the websites that make us look cool.


4 Ways to Avoid Sloppy Copy on Your Website

February 19, 2015

Around here, we talk a lot about content strategy and how important it is to a successful website redesign. While “content strategy” refers to a much bigger umbrella than copy alone, copy is incredibly important when it comes to communicating your story, your offer, and your value. It works in conjunction with your site’s layout, photography, typography, and other components to offer site visitors an engaging experience that drives them to take action.


The Hottest Web Design Trends Your Site is Missing

February 17, 2015

Just like your wardrobe keeping up with the coolest new fashion trends, your website should incorporate cutting-edge features that wow your visitors and give them a reason to tell their friends about you. Remember, your website redesign project isn’t actually finished the day you launch, there’s lots to do on day two and beyond, including making small enhancements that keep your design current and innovative. Consider adding some of these hot trends to your website design.


13 UX Mistakes Explained in GIFs

February 05, 2015

Making your website look pretty is an important part of web design, but even a nice looking website can fail if it is not user-friendly. If you are looking to improve the user experience of your website, we’re here to help. Below are 13 common UX mistakes and how users may react to them.

1. Centered Running Text

Just say no to this - almost always impossible to read.


Content Considerations for a Responsive Web Design

January 08, 2015

When you embark on a responsive web design project, you’ll be spending a lot of time looking at how designs resolve from one browser experience to another, and wireframing layouts across devices. But you should also devote a hefty amount of time to examining and planning your content.


Three Things Software CEOs Don’t Get About User Experience Design

November 20, 2014

User experience and design are nebulous practices for many software CEOs. They know they want to improve the look of their product, but they don’t know who to hire or what to do to achieve results.

Some CEOs hire freelance visual designers who ultimately don’t quite understand the business and produce beautiful designs that are hard to execute. Others hire consultants with an IT focus and UX speciality, but these guys don’t make it beautiful.


How to Design Graduate Degree Program Webpages

November 13, 2014

Based on 7 years of research with prospective students, we've developed a clear set of features and functions that prospective graduate students are looking for on degree webpage. We've also designed and tested these pages across devices and generated a list of best practices. In this super quick video, we'll layout the highlights of this research and best practices. For a great example, check out the program pages at Norwich University Online or read up on their strategy.


The Softer Side of Web Design

November 12, 2014

Our work is built around facts: budgets, deliverables, schedules, and requirements. But we can’t ignore the softer side of our work: feelings.

A surprising amount of the work that we do is bound up in feelings. To create effective web experiences and processes, we can’t help but consider the emotional impact of our decisions, whether it’s the phrasing of a call to action, creating a content workflow in the CMS, or assigning a staff member a new responsibility.