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Flexible Grids – the Swiss Army Knife of Modern Web Sites

September 30, 2011

The web is changing. With some of the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards now being supported by IE 8 and above, more options are available now than ever before — especially for forward-thinking UI Developers.

It’s hard sometimes to keep these new techniques at bay when they are able to do such amazing things for your clients, like restructuring a web site layout on the fly with a flexible, responsive grid system — one of my favorite being designer Andy Taylor’s (@andytlr) 1140 CSS Grid System


Google: Mobile User Experience Now Impacts AdWords Scores

September 22, 2011

The rising prominence of mobile—and the growing awareness of the importance of good user experience—came to the fore yesterday when Google announced that AdWords ads will be dinged with lowered quality scores if they lead visitors to poor mobile experiences. That’s right—a Google ad that points to a website that doesn’t render well on mobile devices will cost more, rank lower, and possibly not show at all.


Do You Need A Mobile Site-Or Just a Mobile-Friendly Site?

September 14, 2011

Time and again, when the time comes to build a new website, the question increasingly arises: what about a mobile site? Although an increasing amount of web traffic is mobile, the costs and additional development time associated with building a mobile site make this a very real question for many organizations.
Luckily, the choice is not simply between building a separate mobile site and leaving your mobile visitors frustrated.


Creating Highly Usable Mobile Experiences: Lessons from Real Life Use

July 08, 2011

Last evening, I had the pleasure of organizing the first mobile and location-based marketing event for an organization of which I am on the board, the AMA Boston. I designed an immersive learning experience for participants, trying out location-based services in a marketing tour of Harvard Square, but I feel that at the end of the evening, I was the learner.


iPhones Start to Gain Critical Mass on Web Sites

March 02, 2009

A review of our clients’ site traffic for January 2009 reveals an average of about 0.5% of visitors are using an iPhone to browse sites.  Consumer focused sites – such as museums – are seeing the biggest iPhone usage with rates starting to pass 2%.   With record numbers of iPhones being sold, these numbers are sure to increase.  Other newcomers including Google’s Chrome browser and Sony Playstations are showing up on usage reports.