The Best Stuff on the Web - Supertall, Single Page Sites

September 05, 2012

Loading IconHey there and welcome back to our series, The Best Stuff on the Web, in which we break out our plumber's tools, make sure our belts are nice and tight, and inspect that series of tubes we call the internet to find the greatest stuff (best websites, most innovative designs, coolest features, most mind-blowing [insert awesome thing here], etc.) we've seen this year.


Never Repeat Yourself: A Development Technique in Practice from An Event Apart

July 20, 2012

Getting excited about the newest web tools and techniques is something every front end developer can relate to and after attending An Event Apart, Boston, we could hardly wait to turn up the volume on some of our development practices, in this instance, preprocessing our CSS. There are multiple ways to preprocess CSS or Cascading Style Sheets but two most popular are SASS & LESS.

For those still unsure what SASS is exactly:


Synthetic Cells and the Web? Well, not quite ...

June 02, 2010

Have you read it? The article about Dr. J. Craig Venter’s efforts to create a synthetic cell? Interesting stuff. While I’m no chemist, bioengineer, or engineer of any kind, I did find the article interesting.