Higher Education

Strategies to Overcome Your Undergraduate Enrollment Problem

April 14, 2015

“Fifteen years from now more than half of the universities [in America] will be in bankruptcy,” predicts Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen. He’s not alone. Financial services firm TIAA CREF anticipates closures among the “1,600 schools in the U.S.


Government Meets Higher Education - What You Need to Know About the Federal Rating System

March 31, 2015

For years, the U.S. government has provided billions in grants and loans to the higher education system while leaving questions of its quality to others. Private publications like U.S. News & World Report’s annual college rankings focus largely on factors like faculty quality, acceptance rates, and test scores of incoming students, but do not assess how much students learn and how they thrive financially after they leave a college or university.


5 Ways Website Personalization Can Fix Your College Enrollment Problem

March 24, 2015

Did you know of prospective students who complete applications, only 15% apply on their first visit? And, more than 54% of eventual applicants visit college and university websites five or more times before applying?

It’s great they’re coming back but, if your school is like many, you don’t need prospects. You need more enrolled students.


13 Reasons You Should Be Keeping a Website Redesign Blog

March 12, 2015

A redesign project is so much more than churning out a digital product that meets some set of specifications. It’s often a radical re-envisioning of how an organization represents itself on a global medium. Kind of a big deal.

And in any organization, of course, you have people. Could be 5, 50, or 5000. No matter how many there are, they all have a vested interest in that digital representation of themselves. How is it changing? Why is it changing? What about my feelings?


What Higher Ed Marketers Need To Understand About Prospective Students

March 10, 2015

Higher education marketers are constantly trying to get into the brains of prospective college students. In the past, we have discussed the importance of understanding the student lifecycle and the prospective undergraduate customer journey, but sometimes it is just as important to identify who incoming students are as people.


The One Metric That Proves College Websites Are Worth the Investment

March 05, 2015


That’s the number of revenue-producing business metrics most college and university web marketing teams use to prove their impact to the school’s bottom-line. Zero. Zilch.

It’s not that they don’t want to prove value. It’s just that colleges’ data systems are byzantine, isolated, and hard to connect. Plus, there aren’t universally accepted goals for a college website. Showing impact is hard.


Better Google Analytics Benchmarks – Setting Conversion Goals for College and University Websites

January 29, 2015

Page views, session duration and bounce rate provide a solid health check for your college or university website. But this is only the beginning. We recommend setting up conversion goals in Google Analytics. A conversion goal typically measures a completed activity such as:

  • Campus visit registrations
  • Requests for information
  • Beginning the application process

We call it a conversion when a user reaches the “thank you” page after submitting a form.


3 Ways You Should Be Getting Prospective Students' Attention

January 20, 2015

Facebook is so, like, yesterday. At least that’s what all the kids are saying. Yes, Twitter is still cool, but it’s crowded out there, prompting the rise in popularity of tools to cut down on the noise. That leaves higher education marketers scrambling for creative new ways to reach prospective students with social media savvy.


Mobile and Tablet Analytics Benchmark Data for Higher Education, College and University Websites

December 23, 2014

As colleges and universities seek to improve their websites and the prospective student journey, the push toward a responsive website and a “mobile first” approach usually top the list. To help university marketing departments better understand mobile trends for higher education websites, we’ve compiled benchmark data collected over the past year.


#makeitawesome: The College of New Rochelle Launches New Responsive Website

December 11, 2014

One of the great things about working with so many higher education institutions on website redesigns is having a uniquely shaped knowledge about the issues they face as a whole. When considering key factors that play into a higher education website redesign, we’ve found a number of common challenges emerge regardless of institution size, geography, student population, or religious affiliation. A typical challenge is a disconnected brand across the website, particularly when multiple schools or campuses are represented.