Hospital Website Design: Meeting Prospective Patients' Content Needs

November 28, 2017

When it comes to acquiring new patients, market research shows digital channels strongly topping referral and print acquistion strategies. One survey reports 76% of prospective patients use digital channels to select a care provider. If you want to improve conversion from your hospital website, streamlining your website to align to prospective patient needs is a necessary step.


What’s Up Doc? Designing Effective Online Doctor Finder Tools for Hospitals, Healthcare and Insurance Websites

April 13, 2016

For healthcare organizations and insurers looking to attract new customers, using their website to engage with potential customers is critical. A key piece of information potential customers want to see on the website is the doctor search, as it helps them determine if their doctor is available or lets them discover the types of specialists covered.


Healthcare Infographic: Marketing Medicare to Baby Boomers

March 20, 2015

Baby Boomers make up more than a quarter of the population of the United States. That’s 77 million people who, as they reach retirement age, are seeking information and answers to questions about Medicare insurance plans. The door is wide open for healthcare marketers to capitalize on an incredible growth opportunity. But before they can start marketing to Baby Boomers, healthcare marketers need to understand how this group likes getting information about health-related matters, their online usage behaviors, and how they envision themselves.


#makeitawesome: Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred Launches New Website

November 06, 2014

Understanding Medicare can be challenging, even for healthcare professionals. It’s an extremely complex system with lots of moving pieces, obscure nomenclature, and overly complicated parts, options, and payment structures. Finding answers to questions, even on the website, is quite challenging and leaves users frustrated and perplexed. But, the Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred site is changing the way insurer websites educate their visitors.


iBeacon for Hospitals - Using Bluetooth LE Beacons To Provide Wayfinding, Mapping, and Clinical Care

November 27, 2013

In our continuing look at applications for iBeacon, we're honing in on specific industries that have great opportunities to implement the technology for multiple uses.

Tags: Appears on Channel 5 News

March 08, 2009

The MADI Resource Center's website was highlighted in by a Health Alert by WCVB Channel 5 News. The segment features the videos produced by OHO for the MADI Resouce Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. The videos help illustrate each stage of the mental health journey including: awareness, diagnosis, finding help, and support and recovery. The videos include patient testimonials and interviews with experts from the Department of Psychiatry.


New Videos Support Mood and Anxiety Treatment Information

March 02, 2009

Massachusetts General Hospital’s Mood and Anxiety Disorders Institute (MADI) provides public education about serious mental health conditions.  As part of a web site restructuring, MADI selected OHO to design and produce a series of web videos to educate users about the mental health journey.


Causemedia and OHO Build Site for Youth Addiction Recovery

January 08, 2009

causemedia and OHO partnered to research, plan and build the new website Developed to serve teens and young adults, Addiction Answers, is led by the Massachusetts General Hospital's Addiction Recovery Management Service (ARMS). The new web site provides a series of multimedia tools to help guide people on addiction treatment and recovery. This site serves a broad audience of parents, schools, counselors, and young adults facing addiction challenges.