Today is World Usability Day! Join in!

November 12, 2009

Today is World Usability Day sponsored by the Usability Professionals Association (UPA). This year's theme is sustainability.

Virtual and in-person events are being run in over 30 countries.

OHO Interactive and Usability

The World Usability Day site was produced by OHO Interactive and runs on the Drupal content management platform.


AHIRC: Making Research More Accessible By Better Search

April 29, 2009

New York based Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC) has a mission to make quality, affordable health insurance and health care available to every artist in the United States. Over the past 10 years they have created a rich database of over 4,000 heath insurance plans, health care providers, initiatives, and related resources throughout the country.


OHO Releases Faceted Search Site

March 23, 2009

We are now featuring an exciting new technology on one of our Web sites: Faceted Search.

Our new site for the Actors' Health Insurance Research Center uses a Faceted Search Drupal module. The module allows the user to browse the taxonomy hierarchy to retrieve and filter results.


iPhones Start to Gain Critical Mass on Web Sites

March 02, 2009

A review of our clients’ site traffic for January 2009 reveals an average of about 0.5% of visitors are using an iPhone to browse sites.  Consumer focused sites – such as museums – are seeing the biggest iPhone usage with rates starting to pass 2%.   With record numbers of iPhones being sold, these numbers are sure to increase.  Other newcomers including Google’s Chrome browser and Sony Playstations are showing up on usage reports.