Google: Mobile User Experience Now Impacts AdWords Scores

September 22, 2011

The rising prominence of mobile—and the growing awareness of the importance of good user experience—came to the fore yesterday when Google announced that AdWords ads will be dinged with lowered quality scores if they lead visitors to poor mobile experiences. That’s right—a Google ad that points to a website that doesn’t render well on mobile devices will cost more, rank lower, and possibly not show at all.


Do You Need A Mobile Site-Or Just a Mobile-Friendly Site?

September 14, 2011

Time and again, when the time comes to build a new website, the question increasingly arises: what about a mobile site? Although an increasing amount of web traffic is mobile, the costs and additional development time associated with building a mobile site make this a very real question for many organizations.
Luckily, the choice is not simply between building a separate mobile site and leaving your mobile visitors frustrated.


Join Us at the Gilbane Conference: The "New New" In Usability: B2B Is Going Consumer

September 08, 2011

Are you attending the Gilbane conference this fall? I hope you'll sit in on the panel I'll be speaking on, talking about usability in B2B. I'll be exploring how B2B expectations are changing, converging more and more with B2C practices, at the leading web and content management conference on November 30.  B2B marketing and usability are changing.


World Usability Day is Around the Corner

August 29, 2011

Did you ever wish that there was an event to draw attention to the need for more usable products and services in everyday life? An international gathering that helped usability professionals explain what they do, network with each other, and educate the public about the newest thinking on how to make everything more user-friendly?


Google Trends: How We Talk About UX Now

August 09, 2011

Curious about how much people are talking about usability and user experience, I did a quick search in Google Insights on the two terms. (Google Insights is awesome, by the way, tracking the relative interest in terms over time, based on how often people search on them).

The results were interesting: at first, it appears that people are struggling less with usability, since they're Googling it less often:


Why Google’s Panda/Farmer Update Makes UX Important for SEO

August 04, 2011

Several months into the radical changes brought about by Google’s Panda/Farmer update, it’s becoming apparent that user experience has grown in importance. The series of updates to how Google ranks sites for search results started in February, with successive changes rolled out through late July. The stated goal was to penalize lower-quality sites, and make the Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) more responsive to social media.


Creating Highly Usable Mobile Experiences: Lessons from Real Life Use

July 08, 2011

Last evening, I had the pleasure of organizing the first mobile and location-based marketing event for an organization of which I am on the board, the AMA Boston. I designed an immersive learning experience for participants, trying out location-based services in a marketing tour of Harvard Square, but I feel that at the end of the evening, I was the learner.


Are You Making It Easy for Visitors to Become Customers?

June 28, 2011

If people aren't taking some specific action on your site that you want them to take, such as making a purchase or signing up for your newsletter(conversion), you may be making it too hard for them to do so. The path to purchasing or signing up may be full of confusing signposts, with poor usability being one of the main reasons people are failing to complete actions on your site. Although complete usability testing is the best way to identify usability issues for real, your web analytics tools can identify issues for further investigation.


From Usability to Lovability: Creating Apps that People Love to Use

May 05, 2011

Watch this webinar to learn what factors make a product resonate with users, how to determine what your end users really need from your product rather than what they say they need, factors beyond your product itself that help determine the user experience, and ways to structure user experience so that users learn how to use an application quickly with less training.


Creating Web Applications People Love to Use

March 28, 2011

On Saturday April 2nd, I’ll be presenting at Product Camp Boston at the Microsoft NERD Center, talking to product managers about how to make their web applications as easy and seamless to use as popular consumer web applications.