Email Marketing Done Right - Why Your Mobile Marketing Strategy Should Be Top-of-Mind

October 10, 2012

Mobile EmailPop quiz: when was the last time you checked your personal email on your laptop or desktop computer?  If you answered "don't remember," chances are you're part of a growing trend of email users who are, rather than powering on their old, dusty desktops, using their mobile devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.) more and more to consume email and web content.


Match Education - A Video Case Study on Quick-to-Market in Drupal

August 29, 2012


While we think all of the work we do for our amazing roster of clients is worthy of a case study, some stories are more fun to tell than others.  Take our work for Match Education, for example: a custom-designed, responsive, fully-implemented Drupal site in under 6 weeks?  Pish tosh, the cynics may have said, but we knew otherwise and took on the website redesign with aplomb.  For the whole story, check out our video case study, embedded above.


Motivatability: Driving the Clicks that Lie Beyond Usability

July 31, 2012

Watch Jason Smith and Jim Dalglish discuss the concept of motivatability. Learn what motivatability is, how it can help you create a meaningful relationship with your users, and how it is key to getting them to take a desired action.

Upcoming Webinar: Motivatability - Driving the Clicks That Lie Beyond Usability

July 19, 2012

The brilliant minds of the OHO Interactive Research & IA team have put together their thoughts in a webinar on a concept that's sure to rock the usability boat: motivatability.  The webinar will be hosted, live, by OHO on Tuesday, July 31st, 2012 at 12:00 pm.

Registration is now open, so reserve your spot today: Register Now.


World Usability Day Boston 2011

November 12, 2011

Last night nearly 100 people gathered at Microsoft's NERD Center to celebrate World Usability Day. The event in Boston/Cambridge was one of 172 events that happened in 40+ countries.

Jason Smith from OHO Interactive spoke on making web application people love to use in his talk: "From Usability to Lovability." A group of researchers from Bentley University presented new research on using iPads in education.


Flexible Grids – the Swiss Army Knife of Modern Web Sites

September 30, 2011

The web is changing. With some of the new HTML5 and CSS3 standards now being supported by IE 8 and above, more options are available now than ever before — especially for forward-thinking UI Developers.

It’s hard sometimes to keep these new techniques at bay when they are able to do such amazing things for your clients, like restructuring a web site layout on the fly with a flexible, responsive grid system — one of my favorite being designer Andy Taylor’s (@andytlr) 1140 CSS Grid System


Mrs. Gaskell, Kindles, and the User Half of User Experience

September 29, 2011

Followers of this blog may remember I won a Kindle a while back in the FutureM Future of Marketing challenge, sponsored by Smarterer. Yesterday was the first day I became a Kindle owner, when I met with Smarterer’s awesome community manager, Alison Morris. Pleased with the honor, I was also pretty enthralled by the Kindle. But right now it’s at home, and a paperback copy of Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford continues to accompany me on my travels. This, in spite of the fact that Ruth Rendell’s latest is now loaded on the Kindle.