3 Must-Ask Questions Before Starting Your Website Redesign

November 19, 2013

Anyone who has ever spearheaded a website redesign project knows how challenging it can be. An especially demanding part of the process is managing stakeholders, sometimes too many, and acknowledging their individual sense of ownership of the website.  Despite the difficulties, with proper preparation, the successful guidance of a web project to completion can be achieved.


Mobile Usability Testing Best Practices Guide Now Available

November 18, 2013

With more and more people regularly accessing the Internet from hand-held devices, websites that are not optimized for mobile are going to be left behind. Creating a seamless user experience for visitors on mobile devices is critical to your ability to connect with site users, and ultimately, for meeting your key performance metrics.


Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications Presentation Now Available

November 07, 2013

OHO Interactive’s Jason Smith and Jim Dalglish recently presented at the 2013 Face of Finance Conference held by the User Experience Center at Bentley University. Their presentation, Improving Online Lead Generation for Bank Applications: How To Increase Conversions Without Changing Your Third-Party Software Products, is now available.

View the slides to learn how banks can improve their online customer experience, increase conversions, and decrease call center volume.


Responsive Design: How To Get Started Guide Now Available

November 06, 2013

If you’re thinking about redesigning your website, you’re probably considering a responsive design. Responsive website design is fast becoming the standard for providing an optimized web experience for mobile users, and while we’ve been talking about it for a while, it still feels new to many.


Upcoming Presentation: Improving Online Lead Generation For Bank Applications

October 11, 2013

OHO’s Jason Smith, Founder and Chief Creative Officer, will be presenting at the upcoming The Face of Finance Conference hosted by the User Experience Center at Bentley University on October 30, 2013. His session, Improving Online Lead Generation For Bank Applications: How To Increase Conversions Without Changing Your Third-Party Software Products, is part of the one-day forum for financial services and user-centered design industries.


Responsive Website Design and Development Best Practices Webinar Recap

September 03, 2013

If you missed our recent webinar in partnership with Acquia on Best Practices for Creating Responsive Websites, no need to worry. We've summarized the key takeaways below and you can view the recording at the end of this post.


Mobile Websites for Higher Education – 2012-2013 Findings

July 22, 2013

We’ve been undertaking some annual reviews of our higher education clients’ websites to develop on-going mobile strategies. We want to understand the trends and how to best engage their audience: prospective students.


Brandeis Alumni and University Relations Launches New User-Centered Site

May 24, 2013

After putting in four years (sometimes more!) of hard work, graduation is more than more than a marker of academic success. It's also an initiation into a huge community of alumni. Creating a online destination for geographically diverse individuals to come together and network was only part of the goal for the Brandeis Alumni and University Relations team. They wanted to update their web presence, build a user-centered destination that encourages visitor engagement, and integrate various platforms.


User-Centric Research - Making Mobile UX Testing Mobile

November 26, 2012

Mobile devices, by definition, go everywhere users go. Depending on location, mobile contextual engagements are almost limitless. Yet, mobile users still expect the same robust experience they get from their desktop. With the global shift towards mobile, creating user experiences that meet these inherent challenges of limited real estate and unlimited contexts can seem daunting.