Explained in 60 Seconds: UX & UI

May 28, 2015

In the wild world of web design, terms like UX and UI get thrown around all the time. But what do these mean exactly? While UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design are both crucial components of delivering an exceptional web experience to end users, they are not the same. We’ll quickly break down the key differences between the two and talk about how the two integrate with each other.


What Are You Doing Today To Make Your Website Accessible?

May 21, 2015

Imagine going to your favorite blog and seeing they’ve just posted a video entry instead of the usual text-based one. A lot of users might think it’s pretty cool, but other users, particularly those with a hearing impairment, might not think so. That’s because most videos on the web aren’t captioned, making them disappointing experiences for people who can’t hear.


The Carousel: Useful Tool or Usability Detractor?

May 19, 2015

Ever since Erik Runyon published his post on carousel statistics for the Notre Dame website, there has been plenty of debate on whether carousels are an effective way of providing navigation and information to users. Seeing that carousels are used universally on a wide variety of websites - including e-commerce, higher education, and B2B platforms - one would think the answer would clearly be yes. However, sites such as Should I Use a Carousel have fervently come out and opposed them.


5 Ways Website Personalization Can Fix Your College Enrollment Problem

March 24, 2015

Did you know of prospective students who complete applications, only 15% apply on their first visit? And, more than 54% of eventual applicants visit college and university websites five or more times before applying?

It’s great they’re coming back but, if your school is like many, you don’t need prospects. You need more enrolled students.


13 UX Mistakes Explained in GIFs

February 05, 2015

Making your website look pretty is an important part of web design, but even a nice looking website can fail if it is not user-friendly. If you are looking to improve the user experience of your website, we’re here to help. Below are 13 common UX mistakes and how users may react to them.

1. Centered Running Text

Just say no to this - almost always impossible to read.


The One Question About UX Projects that Scares Product Managers

December 09, 2014

Often we hear from software company CEOs and product managers intent on making user experience a top priority. They’re always really excited by the idea of improving their UX and we completely understand. In fact, we get excited too – user experience is what we do.

Our first step is starting a conversation with them to map out the possibilities and process for improving their product:


Best Practices Guide: How to Use Real-Time Website Content Personalization to Increase Engagement and Drive Results

December 04, 2014

Websites have long been “one size fits all” experiences, but as marketers have found more effective ways to leverage user data and tools have become increasingly sophisticated, web experiences have come a long way.


Three Things Software CEOs Don’t Get About User Experience Design

November 20, 2014

User experience and design are nebulous practices for many software CEOs. They know they want to improve the look of their product, but they don’t know who to hire or what to do to achieve results.

Some CEOs hire freelance visual designers who ultimately don’t quite understand the business and produce beautiful designs that are hard to execute. Others hire consultants with an IT focus and UX speciality, but these guys don’t make it beautiful.


The Softer Side of Web Design

November 12, 2014

Our work is built around facts: budgets, deliverables, schedules, and requirements. But we can’t ignore the softer side of our work: feelings.

A surprising amount of the work that we do is bound up in feelings. To create effective web experiences and processes, we can’t help but consider the emotional impact of our decisions, whether it’s the phrasing of a call to action, creating a content workflow in the CMS, or assigning a staff member a new responsibility.


#makeitawesome: Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred Launches New Website

November 06, 2014

Understanding Medicare can be challenging, even for healthcare professionals. It’s an extremely complex system with lots of moving pieces, obscure nomenclature, and overly complicated parts, options, and payment structures. Finding answers to questions, even on the medicare.gov website, is quite challenging and leaves users frustrated and perplexed. But, the Tufts Health Plan Medicare Preferred site is changing the way insurer websites educate their visitors.