Insights by Tiven Weinstock

Digital March Madness: Road To the Final Four Websites

March 23, 2016

The Big Dance. March Madness. Bracketology Season. Whatever you call it, it’s the time of year when even the most casual sports fan fills out a bracket and the nation cheers for underdogs and upsets. But while most people pick NCAA College Basketball teams for their brackets, we put a different spin on this year’s tournament. Instead of pitting schools head-to-head on the court, we put them against each other online in an all-out battle for website domination.


Reflections on DrupalCon: Powerful Platform, Powerful Community

May 26, 2015

After a decade of working with numerous Content Management Systems such as Sitecore, Adobe CQ, Ektron, Kentico, and Wordpress, I recently joined OHO Interactive and, for the first time, I’m diving deep into the Drupal CMS, including attending this year’s DrupalCon earlier this month. DrupalCon Los Angeles was a great experience - in fact, I was completely blown away.