Insights by Oho Interactive

Lesley University Launches New Site Developed by OHO Interactive

September 15, 2009

Lesley University in Cambridge, MA launched the first phase of a new website that is aimed at providing a better experience for prospective students. Both undergraduate and graduate students today have a wealth of educational choices available.


Lesley engaged OHO Interactive  to turn their website into a strategic tool that would empower prospective students with the best information available on the value of a Lesley education. 


Drupal Website Design

August 31, 2009

One of the concerns we hear about using the content management system Drupal for website design and implementation is that all of the sites "look the same."

While it is true that out of the box Drupal templates – or themes – have a similar design structure, the Drupal theme engine allows for extreme flexibility.

As we've used Drupal for website design implementations, our team has been able to create interface and design themes that meet the business and marketing requirements of our clients without experiencing limitations from Drupal.


Volkswagen Replaces Corporate Website with Facebook Site in Ads

June 21, 2009

German car maker Volkswagen has dropped the corporate website URL from its recent set of television ads and promoted a new Facebook URL: The Facebook site starts with a product overview page with links to Facebook group pages for each of the individual cars where visitors can become "fans" of the cars.


Summer 2009 Webinar Topics Announced

May 21, 2009

OHO is pleased announce four new free webinars – there is no cost and no obligation to attend. Please be sure to pre-register as space is limited to 45.

OHO will begin the summer early with a webinar on Wednesday, June 3rd – the topic is "Imagining Your Next Web Site. 10 Ideas to Engage Your Audience.” In this session participants will receive an introduction to 10 emerging trends in websites and internet strategy.  Find out more and register for this free session.


DrupalCon 2009 DC: Highlights

April 29, 2009

OHO, a certified Acquia Drupal partner, had a significant presence at DrupalCon DC last month. OHO developers, designers, and project managers headed down from Boston to attend dozens of sessions. The two DrupalCon topics that really caught our interest involved Apache SOLR and Facebook.


AHIRC: Making Research More Accessible By Better Search

April 29, 2009

New York based Artists’ Health Insurance Resource Center (AHIRC) has a mission to make quality, affordable health insurance and health care available to every artist in the United States. Over the past 10 years they have created a rich database of over 4,000 heath insurance plans, health care providers, initiatives, and related resources throughout the country.


OHO to Present at New England Museum Association Conference

April 28, 2009

Chief Creative Officer and Managing Director Jason Smith has been invited to speak at the 2009 New England Museum Association Conference.

His topic will be: "Web 2.0: You've Lost Control of Your Internet Marketing."

The session will briefly introduce the concept of Web 2.0 – that is, the cultural shift towards user-created and highly-personalized content – and then dive into exploring how to best use Web 2.0 applications such as YouTube, Flickr, and FaceBook to build relationships and promote your organization.


OHO Releases Faceted Search Site

March 23, 2009

We are now featuring an exciting new technology on one of our Web sites: Faceted Search.

Our new site for the Actors' Health Insurance Research Center uses a Faceted Search Drupal module. The module allows the user to browse the taxonomy hierarchy to retrieve and filter results.


Twitter Usage Nearly Doubles in Six Months

March 23, 2009

The PEW Internet & American Life Project announced that as of December 2008, 11% of adults used Twitter or similar service to share updates about themselves and to read updates about others. In May 2008, just 6% of adults reported using this type of service and in November 2008, 9% of adults reported using this type of service.


Brooklyn Museum Adds Social Networking Membership Level

March 19, 2009

The Brooklyn Museum has rolled out a $20/annual membership aimed at reaching 20 and 30-something year olds. It is called 1stFans. In addition to providing access to exclusive on-site mingling events, members get exclusive content created by artists via social networking tools such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr – and, for the less socially networked – e-mail.
Learn more about 1stFans Memberships.