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Drupal Domain Access

April 08, 2010

Watch this webinar to learn about Drupal Domain Access. Learn when to use domain access, what to consider when branding sub sites, common pitfalls to avoid, and what to think about with regard to multi-site information architecture.


Academic Recruiting Guide: Attracting Students When They Have More Options Than Ever

March 17, 2010

The landscape has dramatically changed for colleges and universities. Funding has been cut. Traditional "brick & mortar" institutions are competing with online schools. Lifelong learning is now the norm. How do you create a website that effectively recruits students who have more options than ever?


Multi-Site Implementations: Drupal Domain Access Module

March 12, 2010

Update! Meet up with OHO at DrupalCon 2010 this week!

Many enterprise IT organizations are looking to manage a wide range of web properties with a single content management instance. Drupal provides three options for multi-site management. One of the better options is the Domain Access Module.


YouTube Videos for College Admissions

February 21, 2010

Tufts University in Boston, MA became the first selective university in the US to encourage prospective students to submit videos via YouTube as part of the admissions process.

According to report on of the 15,436 applicants to Tufts this year, more than 6 percent submitted a video.

The videos provide an opportunity for students to personalize their admissions applications and highlight their unique abilities. While many schools have always encouraged supplemental material this is the first open call for YouTube videos.


Search vs Social Media

February 19, 2010

Looking to drive traffic to your site? Search engines are still dominating – make that crushing – social media sites as referers.

A recent year-over-year analysis for one client showed search engines referring 60% of all the web traffic for 2009, while social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Yelp, EventBrite – only contributed 2% of all traffic.


Add Google Maps to Your Site

February 10, 2010

We've seen an increased desire by clients to add mapping to their websites – but they usually don't ask for it that way.

Clients begin by seeking new ways to visualize their information and make it easier to sort through information. In other words, they are looking for ways to make the content more relevant to the user.


Virtual Tour a Powerful Fundraising Tool for Mass General

February 01, 2010

We've just launched a new virtual tour mapping application for the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital. The virtual tour is designed for the department chief and the development office to introduce the department to prospective donors. It covers the four office locations reaching from Cambridge to Chelsea and provides a 15 minute overview of the staff and services through photos and video.

The virtual tour and introduction video were also used in conjuntion with the 75th anniversary of the department and its gala event.


Academic Recruiting 2.0 Webinar

January 28, 2010

Learn how for-profit schools are using search engines, landing pages, and their websites to increase conversions. You'll also learn how to optimize your website for undergraduate and graduate audiences, and how to use a CRM solution to increase your response rates.


Engaging Museum Audiences with Social Media

December 26, 2009

Watch this webinar presented by Jason Smith to learn how to engage museum audiences with social media. Learn about what social media and Web 2.0 is, how to create a social media engagement path, how to reach your audience, and how to encourage creativity.


Search Engine Marketing: What You Need To Know

December 26, 2009

Watch this webinar with Jason Smith to learn the basics of search engine marketing. Find out how search engines work, the daily impact of search, principles for organic SEO, and the basics of paid search.