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Don't get hung up on HTML and CSS Validation

December 01, 2010

Jeffrey Way writes in his article, "But it Doesn’t Validate", for Nettuts+:

"When validating, your primary focus should be on determining where you’ve made mistakes. Validation isn’t a game, and, while it might be fun to test your skills to determine how high you can get your score, always keep in mind: it doesn’t matter. And never, ever, ever compromise the use of the latest doctype, CSS3 techniques and selectors for the sake of validation."


Drupal - Glue For Your Web Software - Continued

September 25, 2010

Ok, so we’ve scoped the challenge and we’ve stated that Drupal is a great solution.

Well, how can a content management solution really help us here? Great question. Let’s dig in and talk a bit about Drupal’s architecture and its core components – and let’s work from the OS to the UI tier of your application.

First, Drupal’s core is written in PHP and affords us the opportunity to run on any OS. PHP, as you know, delivers great performance, is itself extensible, and scales well.


Drupal Tips'N Tricks

September 24, 2010

Watch this webinar for an introduction to Drupal and learn how to integrate it with other platforms, use existing SEO modules, explore multi-site options, and hear themeing do's and don'ts.


Drupal - Glue For Your Web Software

September 09, 2010

Have you heard of Drupal? Have you heard the name ‘Dries’? Well, if you’ve been involved in web software in the past five years, I suspect you have. If not, let me introduce both.

Drupal is one of today’s rising stars in the very crowded content management arena. An open source ‘social software’ platform, the product was originally developed by Dries Buytaert - now CTO and co-founder of Acquia, and is regularly found on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in the highly coveted ‘visionary’ sector.


Drupal Camp CT and OpenScholar

August 13, 2010

OHO Interactive continues to strengthen its Drupal portfolio and is proud to annouce our involvement in Drupal Camp Connecticut @ Yale University and our support for the OpenScholar Project at Harvard University.


OHO Hosts Alfresco's Northeast Lunch and Learn

July 21, 2010

 July 21st, 2010 – Waltham, MA

Today, OHO Interactive hosted Alfresco’s Northeast Lunch and Learn conference in Waltham, MA. The event showcased Alfresco’s market-leading open source enterprise content management system. The event was very well received with over 100 technology and business executives registering for the event.


Open source enterprise content management is heating up ...

June 15, 2010

Open source Enterise Content Management (ECM) is one ot today's 'hot topics' and is playing a key role in helping organizations leverage internal knowledge to drive competitive advantage. ECM is also being used in new innovative ways - literally ushering in new Web-based business models.


Synthetic Cells and the Web? Well, not quite ...

June 02, 2010

Have you read it? The article about Dr. J. Craig Venter’s efforts to create a synthetic cell? Interesting stuff. While I’m no chemist, bioengineer, or engineer of any kind, I did find the article interesting.


Where does TV meet the Web?

May 20, 2010

Google answered that question today at Day 2 of Google I/O, and the answer is at Google TV.  But let's not get ahead of ourselves...  They spent the first half of the keynote building up suspense talking about the Android momentum:

  • 21 OEMs
  • 48 Countries
  • 65 Devices
  • 100,000 Daily activation run rate
  • 1 billion miles traveled in GPS navgation
  • 50,000 Applications
  • 180,00 Developers

They announced the next release of Android 2.2 called Froyo, which has 5 Focus Areas:


I/O: Input/Output or Innovation in the Open?

May 19, 2010

The answer is...  Both!  Google I/O got its name from both a developers roots (Input/Output) as well as developers future, (Innovation in the Open).  They kicked off their third annual developers conference today and San Francisco is currently crawling with more than five thousand developers (including two from OHO Interactive) anxious to hear whatever big news it is that is almost always released at their conferences (stay tuned to our blog, it sounds like it'll be announced during tomorrow's keynote at 9AM PDT).