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Creating Highly Usable Mobile Experiences: Lessons from Real Life Use

July 08, 2011

Last evening, I had the pleasure of organizing the first mobile and location-based marketing event for an organization of which I am on the board, the AMA Boston. I designed an immersive learning experience for participants, trying out location-based services in a marketing tour of Harvard Square, but I feel that at the end of the evening, I was the learner.


Social for Everything, and Everything in the Cloud: Lessons from e2.0

June 22, 2011

Or, What Bikers and Coach Bag Collectors Now Have in Common....

Visitors were out in force around Newbury Street yesterday, and although tourists enjoying the (rare) sunny weather were gathering at sidewalk tables, the Hynes Convention Center was filled with digital professionals of all stripes, there for Enterprise 2.0, the biggest social business conference around. We were there to see Acquia launch the new version of their social platform Commons at their Commons and Cocktails party.


From Usability to Lovability: Creating Apps that People Love to Use

May 05, 2011

Watch this webinar to learn what factors make a product resonate with users, how to determine what your end users really need from your product rather than what they say they need, factors beyond your product itself that help determine the user experience, and ways to structure user experience so that users learn how to use an application quickly with less training.


Preserving Your Search Rankings When Launching A New Site: Content Migration Secrets

April 29, 2011

When working on a site redesign, one of the main questions site owners often have is how to make sure that months and years of careful SEO work, often building to #1 rankings in the search engines, can be preserved when the new site launches. We’ve all heard of site relaunches in which a company dropped from page one in Google to page 20, or disappeared for weeks altogether. Then there are complaints from users who had a specific page bookmarked, only to find it gone when they visit the site. These concerns are especially top of mind when deploying a new CMS.


Come on and join OHO @ The Drupal 7 Release Party!

December 22, 2010

Well, the content management world is about to change once again - with Drupal leading the charge. Team Drupal has been hard at work re-architecting, extending, enhancing, tuning - and just all around 'making it great' and the team will release Drupal 7 on January 7th.


Academic Recruitment 2.0 with Drupal

December 19, 2010

Watch this webinar on academic recruiting with Drupal, hosted by Jason Smith of OHO Interactive and Bryan House of Acquia. You'll learn about research, features, and functionality, and why Drupal is great for higher education websites.


OHO Celebrates the Holidays

December 17, 2010

Happy Holidays from OHO!

Today OHO had a special Friday lunch for the holidays, complete with festively decorated OHO hoho cookies, catered Italian food, and a Yankee Swap.


Fixing the Internet Explorer 31 Stylesheet limit in Drupal 6

December 13, 2010

Internet Explorer has a 31 stylesheet limit for stylesheets that are added to pages using the link tag. Since this is such a large number this limit is usually not an issue but on more complex sites, especially Drupal sites with many enabled modules, hitting this limit is fairly easy. The consequence being that every stylesheet after the 31st will not load.