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Your Website’s Fountain of Youth Part 2: Training and Guidelines

September 11, 2014

Last time, we talked about how editorial calendars help your website stay fresh, accurate, and relevant for the long haul. Today’s digital fountain of youth consists of training and guidelines. Does that sound dull? It doesn’t have to be. Also, your website’s livelihood depends on them.


Your Website’s Fountain of Youth Part 1: Editorial Calendar

September 09, 2014

From the age of the Greek writer Herodotus in the fifth century BC up through Ponce De Leon’s exploration of Florida in the 16th century, the legend of a fountain of youth that could wash away the years has persisted throughout history.

While we can’t get rid of those crow’s feet, we have found the fountain of youth… for your website. In this blog series, we will define the components that comprise the secret to eternal youth for your digital face.

Editorial Calendar

What is an editorial calendar?


3 Keys To Creating News Content That Matters

August 12, 2014

It shows up on a lot of sitemaps: a section called “News.” Therein lives Very Important Information about your organization and its myriad happenings. So important! Everyone’s gonna want to read this. Extra extra!

But will they? News is not implicitly valuable, simply because we call it such. Does our idea of “news” gibe with the members of our target audience?


After Your Website Redesign: Planning for Day Two -- and Beyond

July 07, 2014

From the outside, this is what the typical web project might look like: We have a kickoff meeting. We have a lot of meetings and do a lot of work. One day, the site launches. We celebrate and eat cake. Yay! Then, we move on. The project is done!

Or is it? What about Day Two -- when the crumbs have been swept away and the website is really, truly out there?