Insights by Edwin Hastings

Engineering is Elementary - STEM Curriculum for Everyone

February 12, 2013

Engineering is Elementary develops programs and curriculum to bring the STEM fields, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math to all elementary aged children.  The program is developed by Boston’s Museum of Science serves as a cornerstone for expanding knowledge and access to science, math, and engineering education.

We are very happy to work with them in launching their new drupal website!


Seventh Generation Launches New Branding and More

January 31, 2013

 We are thrilled to be working with the great team at seventh generation on the launch of their new enhanced drupal site.

In additional to new streamlined branding the website was re-envisioned to align the product experience on the website with the same experience in the retail location. Product shelf pages now resemble true shopping shelves and display the full breadth of products offered by 7th Generation.


2 Weeks to DrupalCon Chicago

February 21, 2011

DrupalCon 2011, the main conference for everything Drupal, is in only 2 weeks.  With Drupal usage exploding over the past few years DrupalCon has sold out quickly.  This year the organizers got a much bigger venue and there is still space available.  There is a rich set of sessions ranging covering the range from base technologies to advanced enterprise solutions.  Find out about the sessions at  I hope to see you there.


GET Conference 2010 and the Personal Genome Project

April 27, 2010

Today was the first meeting of the GET Conference here in Cambridge.  The GET Conference has brought together a unique group of genomics experts, investors and business leaders.  A fantastic small setting lead to limited presentations and a large amount of collaboration and discussion.  Dramatically lower costs for genome sequencing are going to change our lives in myriads of ways.  Today's conference was a creative event discussing concepts ranging from personalized medicine to better disease forecasting.


Today Drupal turns 9 and release version 7 alpha!

January 15, 2010

Drupal celebrates its 9th birthday today on January 15th.  Congratulations to Drupal creator and software visionary Dries Buytaert!  And what better way to celebrate the birthday of new software than to add a new release.  Today is also marks the official release of Version 7 Alpha 1.  9 years, 7 versions, and millions of users are quite a remarkable achievement.


10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website

September 25, 2009

One of the concerns I most often hear from clients about their websites is "how can I make them more effective?" Well to help out we've put together a list of common items that are quick wins and can help improve almost any website.  This blog post is a sneak preview of these top 10 ideas.  Over the new few months we'll be discussing these in more detail in a series of seminars and white papers. 

10 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Website.


Drupal Momentum Builds - Acquia Adds 200 Customers in 6 Months.

August 11, 2009

Congratulations to Acquia, the commercial Drupal support company, for adding 200 new customers over the past 6 months.  That brings them to over 250 customers in less than a year!  Quite a feat at anytime but certainly impressive in today's economy.  


Digital Economy Fact Book - Tenth Edition

August 10, 2009

Where do you go for good research and data about the internet?  Do you need to know about the number of users online, the number of websites, trends in social media?


Mark Logic User Conference 2009

May 12, 2009

I'm at the Mark Logic 2009 User Conference in San Francisco.  For those not familar with the company, Mark Logic provides a software platform that combines an XML database, search engine, and application server.  It is a powerful, and exteremly fast, platform for building content rich applications that combine  structured and unstructured data into a single user experience.