Insights by Dave Sawyer

Explained in 60 Seconds: Hash Symbols in URLs and SEO

November 04, 2014

When helping clients optimize their websites, we’re often asked about hash symbols in URLs and how they affect SEO. Are they ignored by Google? How should they be used? The answer is…well, it depends. Here’s a quick explanation:

A hash sign (#) in a URL is referred to as a fragment. Historically, URL fragments have been used to automatically set the browser’s scroll position to a predefined location in the web page. In that sense, if a URL refers to a document, then the fragment refers to a specific subsection of that document.


Explained in 60 Seconds: Web Cache

September 02, 2014

Cache is a word you’ll hear during most website development or site optimization projects. Relative to websites, caching refers to the process of storing dynamically generated data for reuse in order to improve performance. Here’s a quick explanation of how web cache works:


Explained in 60 Seconds: SEO vs SEM

July 09, 2014

SEO and SEM are two acronyms that are commonly referred to during online projects. We’ve found that they are sometimes confused for one another. Here’s a quick breakdown of the differences:


Responsive Design 2.0: Dynamic Serving and The Future of Mobile Web Design

April 28, 2014

Back in 2010, it seemed to come out of nowhere – responsive web design (RWD) – a term coined by visionary designer Ethan Marcotte that would soon become a household name in web design and mobile strategy. For many, this was an entirely new concept: the idea that web content could be intelligently adapted to a variety of mobile form factors by using HTML and CSS alone.


Social Shareability: The Secret to Making Your Content Stand out and Get Clicked

January 10, 2014

Picture it. You’ve just discovered a very interesting link that you can’t wait to share with your friends. You log into Facebook, write a quick status update, and paste in your link… and you see something like this:

Facebook Share Link - Example without Description or Image