Search vs Social Media

February 19, 2010

Looking to drive traffic to your site? Search engines are still dominating – make that crushing – social media sites as referers.

A recent year-over-year analysis for one client showed search engines referring 60% of all the web traffic for 2009, while social media sites – Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Yelp, EventBrite – only contributed 2% of all traffic.

Search Is Becoming More – Not Less – Relevant

More over, search isn't losing ground – it is gaining ground by leaps and bounds. Google referrals for this site were up 257% in 2009 (compared to 2008). For this site, that equates to over 300,000 additional visitors.

Social Media Referrals Grow Too – Just Lots Less Impact

Now, social media showed amazing growth as well. Of the sites listed above, many contributed no traffic to the site in 2008 and started contributing in 2009. But the growth and dominance of search engines cannot be quibbled with.

Is there are place for social media? You bet, but it's not a referral engine for this business.

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