OHO Awarded Four MarCom Awards for BSA, Uncommon Schools, & NUSL

November 13, 2012

The hits just keep on coming here at OHO as we've been awarded four (count 'em, four!) 2012 MarCom Awards for our work with Boston Society of Architects, Uncommon Schools, and Northeastern University's School of Law. The awards, which were announced earlier this month, represent a broad range of the best websites, most inventive communications collateral, and greatest marketing campaigns around. Since OHO won for a broad range of services and clients, read on for details about the winning entries.


Website Redesign for Boston Society of Architects

The OHO-redesigned website for the Boston Society of Architects (BSA) represents not only a striking design, but a redesign built on the strength of the robust content management system Drupal. By leveraging smart designs and an even smarter site framework, the staff at the BSA are able to content manage and update their site quickly, easily, and effectively (all without sacrificing style).

To see the site for yourself, visit architects.org.

Award won: Platinum

Interior Site Design & Video Production for Uncommon Schools

The Our Stories section of the website for Uncommon Schools, a network of urban charter schools based on the northeast, was originally envisioned as a means of housing all of the great photography and video that were regularly captured at each of Uncommon's 17 various schools. What it ultimately became was an experience for users to feel what it's like to be at an Uncommon school. Image, media, and video galleries aren't so much "browsed" as they are "experienced," inviting users to get lost in the content (and, as a result, connect with the charter school network's story that much more).

To experience an Uncommon story firsthand, visit uncommonschools.org/our-stories

Award won: Gold



And what better way to tell a story than with video? As the first piece of OHO-generated content for Uncommon Schools' new Our Stories section, the Hear from Recruiters video is Uncommon's way of talking firsthand to those interested in working at Uncommon and growing their pool of applicants from a broad range of amazing applicants to well-informed superstars ready to rise to Uncommon's challenge.

The video in its entirely is embedded above and lives on the Our Stories section of the Uncommon Schools website.

Award won: Gold

Print Viewbook Layout & Design for Northeastern University School of Law

These days, with print brochures going the way of the dodo and people preferring their communications come in a more digital (read: easy to delete) format, a print viewbook's gotta be pretty special to turn some heads. And that's exactly what Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL) got with their new OHO-designed viewbook for the 2012-2013 academic year. Page after page of gorgeous design, engaging imagery, and enlightening infographics informs the reader both about the program and why it's worth looking at as a school that's not afraid of differentiating itself.

To see the viewbook in its digital form online, click over to zmags.

Award won: Platinum

These are big wins for OHO, as the four projects outlined above represent not only a broad range of the services we offer and the client industries we serve but work we're immensely proud of. We realize not every project is worthy of an award (and we've had our fair share of losses here), but when work that's so close to our hearts garners a win... well, it just makes the work that much sweeter.

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